Props, YouTube, & Stats, OH MY!

Town Hall: September 16, 2015


1. YouTube Upload

It was a short little challenge presented by Jason Fried:

Lela has done a wonderful write up of the challenge in action: here!

Long story short, the upload is in! You can now upload straight to youtube from your replay on Blab.

2. Comment Filters

Questions, @ mentions, and comments were difficult to find in a quick flowing chat. We’ve separated out the comments, so hosts can also easily strictly view questions from the chat (using /q).

3. Title & Host Names

Replays got their first big facelift. When you pause the replay you’ll see the title and host names pop up. :)

4. Related Blabs

Want to enable your Blab addiction? Now you can see live Blabs happening in the side bar of the replay!

5. Replay Stats

How many live viewers did this Blab have? How many replays? Shares? Welllllll now you finally know! :D

6. Props on iOS

iOS is playing a wonderful game of catch-up to the web. You can now see who is giving props from your iPhone!

Full Replay:

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