Robert Stern powers through a 32 hour Blab without sleeping!

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August 12, 2015


I do want to make a quick note that I plan on sending the daily digests out at a reasonable time starting tomorrow morning. If you’ve noticed the time I send these e-mails is moments before I attempt to sleep, until I’m trying to manage my own Blab addiction. I don’t know the cure, I only can identify the symptoms:

Bags under eyes, becoming aware of all new found opinions, increase in the volume of your voice, forgetting to go to work, missing meetings, forgetting to pick your children up from school. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, I guess you feel what we feel.

You might have heard talk of someone spending 32 hours straight on Blab:

Robert is a hilarious guy, who I recommend you watch on Blab sometime.
He started this Blab-a-thon with the intention to see if Blab could survive 36 hours straight. Testing the lengths the product can go, how many feels can he get before he cannot be felt anymore. To his surprise, it continued on without shutting down.

It’s hard to believe that someone could Blab so long without turning it into a “sleep stream.” I don’t want to take credit away from Robert, when I say he did try and go 36 hours, but nearly collapsed by the end.

One moment he’s talking about collaboration…

125,828 feels later he can barely keep his glasses on!​

What’s amazing is the thing that kept Robert awake was the engagement everyone gave him! Over 1,000 people dropped in to say hello during his Blab-a-thon, and you kept him going. That’s one hell of a community. I’m so proud of you :’)

Also, we loved the challenge, and also survived today’s #breakblab attempt!

Thursday, August 13th:

That’s right! it’s already almost Thursday!

NextGenBizBLAB: Yik Yak/Vine/Instagram/Snapchat Episode 3!
8am (pacific time)
Some of you might have heard me live on Blab complaining that I am too old to understand Snapchat, this is worth tuning in on!

Global Improv with Carrie! 11am (pacific time)
This was featured in the FOMO section on Tuesday, so now’s your chance to jump in and warm up for the day!

Tech news roundtable (, continued weak earnings etc…)
2:30pm (pacific time)
Sol is a super awesome guy who’s going to drop some tech news on you hard!

#KitchenParty: What’s New In Food This Week
5pm (pacific time)
I am so excited to introduce Babette and Nichelle onto Blab! They’re two wonderful hosts I met yesterday on Blab who host a show called Get Baked! If I can’t eat food all day, this is a close second!

ArtistLaunchTV: Blab’s Official Open Mic for Singers, Songwriters & Producers
5:15pm (pacific time)
More songs are being written on Blab, and if you want to jump in on that, it’s going to be an open mic Thursday!

Okay, I’m literally going to have a panic attack because there is just so much wonderful content coming up!

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