It’s a community, not a crowd.




noun: community; plural noun: communities

a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
a group of interdependent organisms of different species (that’s you!) growing or living together in a specified habitat (Blab).

Before we begin, you should know that our community is always evolving and growing.

Our Blab family is growing, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome all these new faces. Unlike most families, we don’t love one sibling more than the other, we actually love and value that you are all great at different things. We get that some of you love politics, some of you love business, and some are great at art. We just want to give you a place to shine and meet other people who share your passions.

Remember: You all are our best quality, so keep making us look good.

So what are the yays and nays for Blab?


  1. Argue the point not the person.
  2. Control your reaction, not everyone else’s.
  3. Join Blabs you are interested in. Vote with your time.
  4. The host sets the rules to the party.
  5. Respect the viewer’s time.
  6. Be respectful!
  7. Have a good internet connection.


  1. Don’t be rude.
  2. Don’t creep people out (with your attitude or your attire).
  3. Don’t leave the real world behind. Remember you’re a person. So is almost everyone else!
Blab’s lovely community managers, Brittany and Hannah.

Let us know what you need!

We have a lot of open lines of communication here at Blab, here is a quick and dirty guide on how to get what you want/need.

  • Calling @Help in any Blab chat will alert us that you are experiencing a technical challenge and will typically be responded to immediately. **note: we don’t sleep much, but we are asleep sometimes**
  • Tweeting @Blab is a great place to tell us you love us or ask a quick question to the whole team.
  • Twitter DMs are good for quick notes or questions or to shoot us a link to a Blab you want us to check out!
  • Emailing support@blab.im is a more official way to let us know a specific need or questions and a great place to send your list of brilliant ideas and feature suggestions. We do read all of these and actually consider your requests. :)
  • Want to host a specific event, conference, or panel? Maybe you just want to collaborate and see what we think about a wild idea you have? shoot an email to hannah@blab.im or b@blab.im, and we’ll help make all (read:not all) your dreams realities!
  • If you are experiencing any sort of harassment, or would like to report another user for going against our Content Policy email us at blabgary@blab.im and Blab Gary will take care of business. But first, do yourself a favor and leave situations that aren’t fun for you.

“The community is the immune system.” @ShaanVP