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“When is Blab going to get screen share?”

Does today work? 😏

Chrome Extension

Multiple people can share their screen at the same time!

Why we built it

It was never a matter of IF it was always when. When you’re hanging out with your friends in real life, you want to show them things. To make hanging out easier we’ve brought you screen share!

“Screen share is dope!” -Thomas Jefferson, 2016

How it works

(Visuals only, no sound)

  1. Hosts can click this fancy purple button
  2. Download the Chrome extension here

3. Choose which screen you’d like to share

4. That’s it!

Browse the internet with your friend while you each share your screens!

Protip: To share in a small box, click and hold.

You can also share your screen in theater mode

How you can use it:

  • Surf the Internet together
  • Using PhotoShop or Illustrator
  • Do a live demo
  • 1M other things you can think of

What do you think? Let @JoshLankford know.




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Brittany Metz

Brittany Metz


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