A personal blog ain’t a piece of cake

Originally written on September 28th ‘2008. Republishing these here after I lost the earlier domain. Also reading this today made me realize how somethings change while a few remain just the same ,no matter how much time has gone since.

Its been more than 1 week I have been trying to write my 2nd post. Hasn’t been easy, there have been many drafts but not the final version. The problem is a bit alien to me…’ honesty-how honest should I be?”

The thing is I have always been quite honest but what I have practiced is selective honesty. I have catered to an audience,so when you ask me “how do you do?” I (as most people) don’t go into a lengthy discourse or talk about the good,bad & ugly of my life,just stick to the tried & tested — “very well thank you”. In more important matters too I am truthful but the amount of truth varies depending on who I am talking to my friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances. The fact may remain the same but the amount of it, the emotion with which it is said, the context , the response which one accepts all of them vary ; but its ok because they all are witness to my life at different moments of time.

But here,on this blog it’s different –there is no specific audience, you could very well be my best friend, a complete stranger, a colleague, some relative, even my parent. Here there is no history, no context with which you will understand what I am saying except the typed word & your interpretation of it. There will be days when I undergo the entire plethora of emotions — happy, sad, insecure, confident, cynical, guilty, angry…etc etc. There will be times I miss the girl I like or just feel liked cursing the world in general.

So should I write all of it here? Do I actually say what’s on my mind, open to a possible awkward question,an incomplete judgement on the basis of perhaps just one post . Do I say the truth the way I feel,see it or just a convenient,polished,easily digestible version of it??

Well…I have decided to try & be honest-completely honest. To share the best & the worst of me here on this blog.

Rest is your call!

ps- The reference to cake is only because I love cake & the pic looked delicious (sweet tooth :-) )

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