BLABBER — A Social Network for the Crypto Community

The Crypto Community knows the battle we are fighting every day to keep up with all the communication on Telegram and other social media apps. We use these apps to connect with people, follow events, make new friends, share the experiences we have with service providers, and as a company, ultimately reach our own users. In addition, most people feel increasingly uncomfortable sharing their Facebook or Instagram profiles with people they just met at crypto conferences, summits, and meetups.

The Crypto Community is still in its infancy and there is no standard for a social platform that is exactly tailored to the needs of this community which primarily wants to share relevant content, connect with like-minded people, find the right service providers, and follow exciting events.

BLABBER will tackle all these problems for the Crypto Community. The development of location-based services is deeply integrated into BLABBER’s DNA. The BLABBER team has gained experience with the latest technologies in a vast range of IT-related projects which led them to build the first decentralized and location-based social network allowing its users to create and interact with content based on their current location, without prior connection to other users. This approach makes networking and socializing for the Crypto Community truly comfortable. For example, during a crypto conference, users gain access to local topics, attendees, exhibitors, and speakers to connect, communicate, and share content. Most importantly, companies, including ICOs and marketing services, can directly reach the right group of people at the conference with their targeted advertising.

BLABBER has integrated several crypto community-related features into its platform. Content Channels is one of these new features helping to create a clear structure for accessing the most important content. A Content Channel can be location dependent, which means that only content from a selected area is displayed in this channel. Furthermore, a Content Channel can also be group-based, which means that all members of the channel can add content regardless of their current location. These features are especially useful for events to quickly access relevant content without noise. BLABBER’s “Friends and Follow” feature allows users to easily manage their contacts to keep up with the latest and relevant topics of their connections. To increase security, BLABBER offers the verification of accounts to protect users from scams, phishing, and shady service providers.

The BLA Token plays a central role in BLABBER’s advertisement mechanism. BLA Tokens are used by advertisers to target content while users have the ability to decide how much of their personal data they want to disclose to advertisers. In return, users can earn BLA Tokens for consuming advertised content. This means that BLA Tokens used for placing advertisements are distributed to the users who have provided their personal data and consumed the advertisements — all without third parties, securely and transparently on blockchain technology.

Another decentralized feature is that users can be rewarded directly by other users with BLA Tokens for creating high-quality content. In addition to the monetary incentive of creating content, the rewarding itself provides a much bigger incentive. Users who consider a certain post as interesting, exciting, funny or valuable, simultaneously “invested” in such content when they reward it with BLA Tokens. The more BLA Token users “invest” in content, the more valuable it becomes for the entire network. The real incentive is that collected BLA Tokens of rewarded posts will be distributed to users who supported such content. The basic idea behind this concept is that the earlier users support a post, the higher their share when the post goes viral. BLABBER describes this incentive as “investing in content”.

This was a small overview of what BLABBER is and what their plans for the future are. BLABBER’s long-term vision is to establish its social network in crypto space as the trusted platform on which the community can rely. The team is currently developing the new version of the beta app, which will be available for iOS and Android by mid-November. BLABBER’s roadmap calls for further development of the core platform, the release of the advertiser platform, the launch of the developer platform, decentralized content and much more.

We can already see where BLABBER’s journey will take the Crypto Community. The BLABBER team is looking forward to an exciting future with the Crypto Community and respectfully calls for collaboration: “Let’s build the social network of the future for the Crypto Community. Send us feedback and participate in development decisions. Only together we are able to realize our ambitions establishing a social platform that eliminates shady paid services, fake reputation, and spam creating a Community of Values that users can trust.”

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