BLABBER Initial Token Offering (ITO)

Michael Freund
Sep 23 · 3 min read

BLABBER’s Initial Token Offering (ITO) will begin publicly on November 1, 2019. Only registered BLABBER users will be able to buy BLA Tokens totaling $ 5,000,000. The sale will end on October 31, 2020.

The sale will be carried out through the BLABBER website Accepted trading pairs to purchase BLA Tokens are BTC, ETH, EOS. The exchange rate for each currency is calculated at the time of the transaction. After registering and either creating a free standard wallet or importing an existing EOS account, tokens can be purchased via the BLABBER Dashboard on the BLABBER website. At the end of each sales phase, tokens ordered will be distributed to investors.

The ITO phases and prices are as follows:

Sales Phase

November 2019 to October 2020

Listing Price

Starting at $ 0.02 with a 30 % bonus, ending with $ 0.06 max in 12 months


Participants are allowed to stake the amount of BLA Tokens purchased during each sales phase. Staking BLA Tokens results in an extra bonus of 10 %. Staked BLA Tokens will be locked until the end of the sale.

Sales prices during various offering phases


  1. The ITO sale is restricted to 12 months and to 6000 investors (equivalent to 500 per month)
  2. BLABBER asks for a minimum purchase volume of $ 250, a maximum of
    $ 2,500 per buyer per phase (accepted currencies are BTC, ETH, EOS).
  3. The hard cap is set to $ 5,000,000.
  4. There are no buyer restrictions on the sale phases. It is possible to participate in any phase even if BLA Tokens were bought by the same buyer in previous phases.
  5. All BLA Tokens, including bonus tokens, will be immediately transferred to the investor’s wallet after the respective sales phase.
  6. The sale ends when either the sales cap or date cap has been reached or all investor slots have been filled.
  7. Exchange listings take place one week after the sale has ended.

Sales cap, Investor cap, and Date cap

Sales cap

The sales cap is set to $ 5,000,000. The sale may end once the sales cap has been reached, regardless of whether all investor slots are filled or not.

Investor cap

The investor cap is set at 6000 slots. The sale ends as soon as the investor cap has been reached, regardless of whether the sales cap has been reached.

Date cap

The date cap is set to 12 months. The sale ends once the date cap has been reached, regardless of whether the sales cap or the investor cap have been reached.

BLABBER’s ITO Philosophy

It is important to the BLABBER Team that the BLA Tokens are distributed to committed BLABBER investors. BLABBER created this ITO sales structure as a fair and transparent mechanism for a wide range of BLABBER investors discouraging speculative trading, such as dumping of BLA Tokens resulting in volatile market reactions. Also, BLABBER recognizes the structural problems of traditional IEO’s or ICO´s, especially in secondary markets. Over 98 % of IEO or ICO offerings are not backed by a functioning product resulting in chaotic trading scenarios right after initial coin listings.

BLABBER`s Growth Plan

BLABBER expects to reach an annual user growth rate of up to 1,000,000 monthly active users by the end of 2020. BLABBER’s marketing actions include referral programs, airdrop campaigns, as well as listings on startup platforms such as Producthunt. We will continue to attend major international crypto conferences to promote the BLABBER App. BLABBER will continuously approach companies and strategic partners to use the BLABBER platform for enhancing their own networks.


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