Design Disruptors Release Party

Last Thursday (21 July), BlaBlaCar was pleased to present the French premiere of Design Disruptors, a documentary produced by Invision.
Despite the summer heat, the room was packed for the event — and just for that, we want to say thank you.

Introductory speech from Frédéric Mazzella (BlaBlaCar’s founder)

The film

It’s difficult to summarize the film without spoiling it for those who have not yet seen it. At BlaBlaCar, opinions are divided. To give a short-cut version of a movie review, I would say: the film dragged a bit at times, but still provides a good dose of positive vibes.

In any case, if you are new to design and if working all day on one single product seems weird, then this film will give you a good first glimpse into the field. And besides, the film is a beautiful visual experience.


Following the documentary, three members of our Design Team explained what it means to them to be a Product Designer.

  • User Research
    Carolyn opened the discussion by explaining how user research could provide valuable and actionable insights that can impact the product roadmap.
  • Iteration
    Charly used the example of ID verification to illustrate the point that a product is not built without iteration. A Designer must be close to the data and understand what is not working in order continuously improve.
  • Consistency & Simplicity
    Nicolas closed the evening by detailing our design-process. The idea was to emphasize key concepts for a growing team: consistency, simplicity & scalability. By the way, I invite you to read his article about it.

And to wrap it all up: Pizzas, Beers & you.

For this event, we were looking forward, just like you, to enjoying the film. But in the end, the highlight of the evening was actually the discussions we were able to have by getting everyone together. It was particularly great to meet so many passionate and fascinating people. So once again, we really enjoyed the evening — thanks to those who attended

We feel lucky to be part of such a community and think that we should take advantage of it more often. We’re ready to start again and are already thinking about our next party. Your ideas for topics or guest speakers are welcome!

Should we plan to meet again in September?