What we learned from simplifying our product in 2017

Or why simplicity must be a constant focus

Benjamin Retourné
Feb 23, 2018 · 5 min read

Simpler for the user

What is “Simplification”? The first and most important thing to remember is that it’s NOT about removing things from the product to make product and engineering life easier. If that was the purpose of it then the simplest thing to do would be to shut our service down and go home: way simpler for everyone!

  • Build upcoming simplicity → How do we ensure that the new experience/features we build is as simple as it can be?

As much line of code as a year ago

To « Remove existing complexity » we looked at all ‘forks’ within our product: features or pieces of code that added unnecessary complexity for our members. We removed more than 50 features. The best metric we’ve found to highlight our impact is the number of lines of codes on our stack represented in the graph below.

# of lines of code — Colors represents different engineering stacks

The 3 learnings (we had 6 and then we simplified)

Select one metric, one you can measure

Which one?

If you measure with adoption, it has to be a significant share

Is there someone?

Anticipate (and don’t forget) side effects

If one falls down…

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