Why Join BlaBlaCar’s UX team

A frequent question I’m being asked is: What is it like to work for the UX team at BlaBlaCar? In person, my own enthusiasm speaks for itself, regardless of what angle I take to answer that question.

But in case we haven’t met yet, maybe the best way to start is to explain how some of BlaBlaCar’s values apply to UX designers’ daily job.

Serving a community. BlaBlaCar doesn’t have customers, only community members. We deploy a lot of energy to listen to ridesharers and understand their feedback, regardless the channel it comes from — contact to our support team, social media mentions, in-person chats, usability testing, etc.

Ridesharing = ideal research setup. To make sure we don’t drift away from the reality of our members, we make use our product. It’s the perfect research environment — natural situation, time in front of us, ability to focus, possibility to observe. Impossible to forget how the interfaces we create is just a tiny part of the experience we’re enabling.

Building a global company. As we expand into new countries, we revise what we think we know about our mission. And our colleagues from Russia, Germany, Turkey, Poland, India or Brazil help us go beyond the common cliches to empathize with the tenants of each culture.

Learning all the time. When you’re building a global people-powered transport network, there is no playbook to copy. We try our best to invent it. When we fail, we analyze what went wrong and learn how to avoid it next time. This culture of rapid iteration creates a nice place for designers to explore ideas, suggest bold changes and test hypotheses.

Caring about the details. The scale of our project make it worth investing in what might be considered as unimportant details elsewhere. We recruit people who are naturally passionate about their domain of expertise, and we let that passion guide us towards the right way to improve our product.