100 (million) reasons to join BlaBlaCar

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8 min readFeb 15, 2022


To celebrate reaching 100 million members on our platform, our team crowdsourced 100 reasons to join BlaBlaCar. Are you convinced yet?

In October, BlaBlaCar celebrated an exciting milestone: our community reached 100 million members worldwide. Millions of us sharing the road each day, meeting new faces, going places, and saving CO2 all at the same time.

Reaching 100 million was a great challenge, and we’ve already rolled up our sleeves to make it to the next hundred! But in order to do that, we’re looking for curious and driven people like you to join the ride.

So, in honor of this celebration, the team got together to name 100 reasons why we enjoy working for BlaBlaCar, and compiled them into this article. We hope you enjoy this crowdsourced list and find the one reason that makes you tick. Happy reading!

🌎 Because of… our impact

  1. Because we serve a community of over 100 million members across 22 countries 💫
  2. Because we are building a mobility solution that allows for more people to travel for less: less cost, less emissions, less hassle.
  3. Because we leverage the power of technology and smart algorithms to match drivers and passengers and fill as many empty seats on the road as possible. #ZeroEmptySeats
  4. Because by filling empty seats on the road, our community saves 1.6 million tons of CO2 every year, which is as if Paris was free of cars for a year!
  5. Because every year, we enable 120 million encounters across the world.
  6. Because the more our community grows, the more travel emissions are avoided every year, and the more human connections are made!
  7. Because our community of BlaBlaCar drivers allows people to reach their loved ones at an unbeatable price.
  8. Because we have a dedicated award-winning customer service team that treats about 5,000 tickets a day.
  9. Because currently, there are 500,000 members for every customer service agent at BlaBlaCar!
  10. Because with BlaBlaCar, you can turn any place into a meeting point to hop on a ride. Check out what a day of BlaBlaCar across the world looks like to see the footprint of our community!
  11. Because at BlaBlaCar Daily we’re leading the short-distance daily carpool market and we’re passionate and crazy enough to work towards making carpooling a daily habit for everyone.
  12. Because we enable people from all backgrounds to meet and break down social barriers.
  13. Because our technology is aimed at building trust at a large scale, so that our members feel empowered to travel with people they have never met before.
  14. Because we love the fact that we can allow a firefighter and a nurse to share a ride and get to know each other!
  15. Because we’re making mobility more accessible to people who might not have easy access to transportation infrastructure.
  16. Because we don’t just ‘blabla’ here, we take action every day that has an impact on millions of lives.
  17. Because you truly get to see the impact of your job when you work at BlaBlaCar.
  18. Because we fundamentally believe that carpooling is the mobility of the future.
  19. “Because my children don’t believe me when I tell them where I work.”

🎈 Because of… our unique culture

  1. Because we have 43 different nationalities and you get to work with people from different cultures.
  2. Because it’s easy to approach anyone and everyone in the company, no matter the role or seniority level.
  3. Because we are a #hybrid company that prioritizes flexibility and agility above all else.
  4. Because our Paris HQ will soon be powered 100% by green energy!
  5. Because testing the product means taking the day off and going on an adventurous road trip with your colleagues.
  6. “Because when I come back to my desk from a ping-pong game, my manager asks me if I won.”
  7. Because we have offices across the world: France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Ukraine.
  8. Because we have inspirational leaders leading the way with a clear vision in mind.
  9. Because we are mission-driven and every one of us has the passion and talent to accomplish our mission!
  10. Because we have an annual Impact Day where offices across the company go on a day trip to volunteer for sustainable projects.
  11. Because when you come to the BlaBlaCar offices, it’s just as good to work on exciting projects as it is to meditate together while doing yoga.
  12. Because employee happiness (net promoter score) is one of BlaBlaCar’s top 5 company KPIs, along customer happiness and other key financial metrics.
  13. Because we have 6 BlaBlaPrinciples that really mean something and help us make decisions on the daily.
  14. Because our Slack has over 3000 custom emojis to choose from. And if you stay long enough, you’ll get an emoji of yourself!
  15. Because BlaBlaCar is committed to offering a diverse and inclusive workplace to all its employees.
  16. Because the “Pot Tech” will change your life.
  17. Because whatever it is, there’s (almost) a BlaBla for that: BlaBlaPicnics, BlaBlaBreaks, BlaBlaSwaps, BlaBlaNomad, BlaBlaTalks… There are so many ways that BlaBlaCar nurtures the togetherness of its employees.
  18. “Because the team is made of phenomenally bright, driven and kind people.”
  19. Because you can meet Emmet Brown’s double.
  20. Because you can come to the office with flip flops and a purple wig and no one will care or judge you.
  21. Because our BlaBlaBand rocks and is always looking for more members!
  22. Because we have the best balance between Fun & Serious : we do serious stuff, but we do not take what we do too seriously ;)
  23. Because we need new challengers on TopQuizz!
  24. Because everyone is truly involved, encouraged to try, supported when they fail and congratulated when they succeed.
  25. You like biking? Basketball? Music? Yoga? Knitting? At BlaBlaCar, you’ll find people to share your passion with!
  26. Because if you wanted to you could perform in drag in front of the whole company.
  27. Because you have the chance to interact in more than 6 languages in your daily duties.
  28. Because we need another player for the Coinche!
  29. Because you can participate in the BlaBlaShow ⭐️ http://tiny.cc/t3fjuz
  30. Because we make movies and act in them for fun!
  31. Because we have an impressive Wall of Ambassadors at the office for employees who reach ambassador status on BlaBlaCar.
  32. Because when you see a colleague of yours in a leotard dancing to Single Ladies, you will lever look at them the same way!
  33. Because we have an Engagement team that works everyday to make sure all special occasions are properly celebrated and our experience at BlaBlaCar is unforgettable.
  34. “Because there are couches everywhere in the office, I can have a nap after lunch and come back to work completely recharged.”
  35. Because of the cultural diversity of the team that makes us travel without moving!
  36. Because when you go to the BlaBlaCar headquarters in Paris you think you will have to improve your French but you end up having to speak English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Italian … the list goes on! #internationalcompany
  37. Because we can truly be ourselves.

🚀 Because… we innovate

  1. Because we believe diversity is key to innovation.
  2. Because we have full stack teams that create a strong lineage across the product, engineering and business units.
  3. Because we have weekly Tech Demos to learn about exciting technical projects and be on the same page with where our product stands.
  4. Because we have an internal engineering team called #Care dedicated to innovating our approach to customer service.
  5. Because we invest in our people and in the best tech to continuously enhance our customer support (95% of our content moderation is done via AI).
  6. Because we have Coding Nights (hackathons) to pitch ideas outside our roadmap, create useful or silly tools, and make development dreams come true.
  7. “Because I know that each code change I do, can be appreciated by 100M members.”
  8. Because we have Innovation Days, a time for our teams to test new technologies, play some fun games, improve the app in some way, create widgets, or an app from scratch!
  9. “Because as a software engineer, I own my code and the full lifecycle of applications I am responsible for.”
  10. Because we have a very active tech blog where we share tips, stories and latest technical challenges.
  11. Because we are committed to challenging our biases and stereotypes in tech, and we have a Women in Tech group that is moving the conversation forward.
  12. Because our community of 100M members generates incredibly large amounts of data, which power our business decisions and would make any data lover excited.
  13. Because we have a creative approach in the way we communicate to our members, with our community of BlaBlaHelpers (member ambassadors of the BlaBlaCar platform), who are part of our customer support family and help out newbie members. We have about 100 active members currently.
  14. “Because BlaBlaCar gives me the flexibility to test and implement my ideas.”
  15. Because by serving a very large community, we immediately get feedback about what we build.
  16. Because the technical challenges are huge and the ideas are infinite!

🤝 Because… we grow together

  1. Because we help each other grow.
  2. We have a strong culture of sharing and transparency. #ShareMoreLearnMore
  3. Because every Monday we have a BlaBlaTalk where teams share information about their work to the whole company.
  4. Because we have a 2-week onboarding experience, where newbies get to learn about every team at BlaBlaCar, and truly immerse themselves in the BlaBlaCar culture with various events and activities.
  5. Because you are surrounded by very smart and humble people who are eager to share their knowledge with you!
  6. Because our interns are empowered to make a real difference.
  7. Because we expect you to be yourself, to bring your ideas and your opinions to enrich our view of the world.
  8. “Because I’ve been learning and intellectually challenged every day over the last 6 years.”
  9. Because work-life balance is a reality and everyone is responsible for their work time (#nomicromanagement)
  10. Because you learn something unexpected every day.
  11. Because all managers get to do a 1-year management training to grow in their expertise and help their team members grow.
  12. Because we love talking about failure and openly share our experience with failing.
  13. Because we strive for excellence in our work and have a strong culture of performance.
  14. Because we are constantly challenging each other and raising the bar!
  15. Because we have opportunities to grow, upwards and sideways!
  16. Because we have intercultural training to learn more about cultures and learn how to better work together.
  17. Because we have an amazing community of alumni, called the #BlaBlaMafia, who is achieving great things.

Because… the perks

  1. Because we can work from anywhere in the country we’re employed in!
  2. Because, with free carpool and bus trips everywhere, you can spend your weekends wherever you want: Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Geneva, Barcelona, Marseille. You decide.
  3. Because we are pioneers of the #ParentalAct and promote gender equality with our parental policies.
  4. Because we have cool BlaBlaCar branded socks that will make your friends jealous.
  5. Because flexible work has no ‘if’ or ‘but’. Flexible work is… flexible. No strings attached.
  6. Because you could feel like a secret agent when travelling on BlaBlaCar and not telling anyone you work there 🥸
  7. Because we’ll soon have the best company rooftop in Paris overlooking Bastille, with a basketball court and vegetable garden!
  8. “Because I can have my lunch break at the beach!” — and you could too.
  9. Because we receive a sweet card and delicious chocolates for our birthday
  10. Because we have a BlaBlaRide (3-days biking trip) twice a year.
  11. Because of the 99 other reasons.

So, are you convinced? Take a look at our opportunities, find your dream job and join the ride: https://jobs.lever.co/blablacar

Disclaimer: this is a crowdsourced list of reasons why our employees enjoy working for BlaBlaCar. Some of these reasons can be personal, and are not necessarily reflective of the entire BlaBlaCar experience for everyone.

We would like to thank PlayPlay for the inspiration as well as Society Magazine.