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Welcome to the new BlaBlaTech blog! In this publication you will find a lot of stories about our technical team.

At BlaBlaCar our culture is based on Values and one of them is:

“Share More, Learn More”.

This space is one of the ways to live this value. In it, we’ll give an insight into our technical expertise, the exciting problems we are solving and our Fun & Serious mindset.

You are more than welcome to contact us and discuss these topics with us in more detail.

If you are interested to discover our previous stories, feel free to have a look at our former BlaBlaTech Blog.




BlaBlaCar is the go-to marketplace for shared mobility, combining short and long-distance carpooling and buses. In building the future of mobility, we set ourselves high and ambitious targets and bring tech and data to the heart of our product experience and strategy.

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Nicolas Tricot

Nicolas Tricot

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