Blab’s Beautiful Offices

The day after the epic Blab meetup, I imposed upon Shaan Puri’s hospitality and visited the Monkey Inferno offices San Francisco, designed by event planner, interior designer and bon vivant, Ken Fulk (as Architectural Digest describes him).

Walking through this space gave me the same delight in the pit of my stomach that reading Churchill or C.S. Lewis gives me. And it isn’t because of the obvious nod to British sensibilities. It is the sense of wonder that someone can be so brilliant, so darn delightful in their artistry. Excellent prose stuns me. A powerful movie holds me to my seat through the ending credits as I absorb the journey I’ve just had.

If the Blab offices were a movie I’d just seen, I’d be sitting in the seat through the credits.

Here is just a sampling of the images from my visit.

The space was SO smart. A blending of reclaimed materials, metal-forged elements and the best light fixtures I’ve ever seen.
Textures and patterns. Velvet sofas, driftwood sculptures, geometrics, and volumes of light from the loft space.
The entryway’s pieced floor covering was unlike anything I’d seen.
The carpet. Leather furniture complete with haberdashery accents and proper British allusions tied the space together.