Reviewing All of user18081971’s Soundcloud Tracks: A Preface

I don’t really know anything about Aphex Twin.

The first, and only, Aphex Twin track I’ve heard to date is “aisatsana [102]”, as featured on Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry playlist. It was a nice track, with the delicate notes of a piano and the sound of birdsong in the background. I thought nothing of it really.

Between the 25th of January and 22nd of May 2015, after the release of his Mercury Prize nominated album “SYRO”, the ever-elusive Richard D James uploaded 230 tracks worth of demos to Soundcloud. Soon after, he took them all down again. What a kooky move.

This morning, after being rudely awakened by my neighbour’s children, I decided to download all 17 hours and 27 minutes of his Soundcloud dump onto my phone this morning. It might seem like a bit of weird thing to do, but there is a method to my madness.

Recently, I’ve been in a bit of a writing rut, having peaked with writing “Wannabe: A Nine Part Odyssey” a couple of months ago. To get me back into the spirit of blogging, I’ve decided to individually review every one of those tracks, at a rate of roughly ten a week. Who knows why I decided to do this, and who knows how long I’ll keep it up for. Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be a fun ride.

Here we go.

To follow my progress, head to for ten new track reviews every Sunday