A Day Without Service Providers

Dr. Shawn Dill
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3 min readMar 16, 2020


The COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has now adversely affected almost every single person on the planet.

However, I can think of no other industry more affected than the service providers of the world.

Restaurants, bars and pubs are being closed. Air BnB’s and hotels are sitting empty. Curfews are being enacted. Gatherings are being limited. People are generally limiting their trips outside of the house to just essential medical visits and grocery stores.

We work with hundreds of service providers and we know that they are struggling with having to decide on whether they should even stay open or not.

Some are being faced with being told that they must close their businesses.

Think about the services you receive regularly.

Your hair salon, nail salon, massage therapist, cleaning service, chiropractor, gym, karate studio, etc. are all facing the single most challenging time of their business.

They have made their living serving YOU.

The last thing they want is to be forced to close down or have to make the decision to close down. Every single day they are closed represents lost income. They have no guarantees.

Sadly, we are going to see a lot of service providers lose their businesses.

Whenever there is a time of crisis, whether it is a blizzard or the coronavirus, people tend to adopt an “everyone for themselves” mentality.

They rush to the stores to buy milk, bread and yes, even toilet paper.

It is human instinct to enter into survival mode.

When driven by fear and survival, you may start to panic and it is completely reasonable that you start to consider cutting expenses. Probably one of the first things to go would be monthly membership fees on services you are not receiving due to closure.

The problem with that thinking is that your service providers are not receiving any relief from their expenses, such as rent, electricity, water, etc.

They do not get to stop paying bills just because they were told to close or because people have stopped coming in.

This could have a disastrous effect on those businesses.

So think about it for a moment.

When all of this is over, and we will get through this, what will your life look like without your favorite hairstylist, manicurist, restaurant, bar, chiropractor or massage therapist?

They need your support.

I am asking you to please consider maintaining your monthly memberships if at all possible for you.

I am asking that if you do decide to cancel your hair or nail appointment that you consider sending in payment anyway.

You may not have even considered this, but if we do not all take action to support our service providers we may be facing the reality in a month or two about what a day without service providers truly looks like.

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Dr. Shawn Dill
Black Diamond Club

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