Playing Guitar Perfectly: A Humorous Poem With No Rhyming Scheme

Playing guitar on stage without making a single mistake….

It’s like the extra fry at the bottom of the fast food bag….you didn’t deserve it and you don’t know how it happened but you sure are thankful for it.

It’s like going through the Chipotle line and not having to ask for an extra scoop of anything.

It’s like being at a gas pump and forgetting that you’re even pumping gas because you were on Reddit the whole time but when the pump stops you look at the meter and see it landed perfectly on $20.00.

It’s like opening a new CD and getting the tape on the top of the CD off without leaving any of that sticker residue all over the top of the album.

It’s like Double-Stuffed Oreo’s….just…better.

It’s like a good hair day. If a good hair day could produce sound. And if sound could irresistibly draw your eyes to look at it in a mirror because of how fresh it looks.

It’s like living in a world where the Spiderman movie franchise got it right the first time.

It’s like seeing the end of Inception. But this time you actually see the totem topple over and can rest easy in the fact that somewhere in the world Leo is living happily with his children.

It’s like hitting shuffle on your phone’s music player and hearing nothing but bangers the whole drive.

It’s like Conor McGregor’s speech after UFC 205.

It’s like if gluten allergies never existed.

It’s like going Super Saiyan.

It’s like holding the delete button in a text message and stopping it right on time so it doesn’t delete all the stuff you want to keep.

It’s like grabbing a hand full of Runts and getting no bananas.

It’s like staying up later than you expected on a Saturday night but remembering that you gain an hour of sleep because of daylight savings time.

It’s like asking your server if they have Dr. Pepper and they do so you don’t have to hear “No but we have Mr. Pibb, is that okay?”

It’s like this…

It’s like getting to a friend’s house to help him move and upon arrival your friend tells you the furniture doesn’t need to be moved.

It’s like not owning a cat.

It’s like getting the big piece of chicken.

It’s like if Bruce Wayne’s dad decided against seeing that production of The Mark of Zorro….#savage