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20.09 Launch details!

Here is the timeline and details of what will happen 20.09!

2PM UTC Black Eye Galaxy marketplace will be opened. The majority of our initial sale will be present on it by fixed price

3PM UTC We will some extra assets on Babylons marketplace

Here are the prices for our NFTs:

  • Planet — 4200 BYG
  • Planetoid (Planet with type D, small planet) — 2000 BYG

The average reward pool for the planet is 9500 BYG

  • Discovery spaceship — 1400 BYG
  • Cargo spaceship — 275 BYG

All assets will be limited. But there is no limitation on purchase per wallet

After purchase owners will be able to interact with assets. All announced functionality will be active. Keep in mind that rewards for transportation services will appear only after planet owners will start the mining process

NFT owners also will be able to resell them either on our marketplace or in babylon with no limitations.

22.09 — all players who participated in staking pools, will receive their Alliance and Planet NFTs from the corresponding staking pools enabling them to participate in the gameplay as well

Alliance planet mining will begin 27.09 — from that date Alliance members will be able to claim their rewards daily!




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Black Eye Galaxy

Black Eye Galaxy

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