Asteroid Mining

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2 min readOct 1, 2021

Today we are releasing details about asteroid mining!

So first of all you need to have a special spaceship, that has equipment needed for this process. This is called the Asteroids Hunter spaceship.

To discover new asteroid you should press Asteroids Radar button.

and then you will see the asteroids within 5 parsec range from the ship location.

Note, that 5 parsecs is a big range and it could happen that there are be no asteroids at all around, so you will need to fly to another star system and try again.

Once you discover an asteroid — you can open asteroid details or send spaceship to it.

By clicking on details you can open the asteroid page:

As you see, you can roughly define asteroid type via the picture, but you can’t discover how many resources the asteroid has.

Only after reaching it you will be able to buy mining permit.

Then you will be able to start mining resources.

Mined asteroids disappear from the map. Although new asteroids will reappear on regular basis.

Also keep in mind that if your ship has >70% damage you will not be able to discover and mine. In this case you will need to find the closest planet with repair station and repair your ship.