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Black Eye Galaxy
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4 min readSep 27, 2021

What they are and the utility behind them! They are endless are scattered among the star systems. How many will you find?

We are excited to reveal our asteroids that will be used in Black Eye Galaxy, what they are and how users can earn BYG by finding them.

Asteroids are located in different parts of the galaxy, not necessarily near Star Systems. Each asteroid has a number of natural resources that could be mined. Some also have a higher level of rewards. To find these asteroids you will need a special spaceship — an Asteroid Hunter.

Check one of the designs below:

It is equipped with a special asteroid radar that allows the owner to scan designated areas surrounding your location in order to find them. The radar displays asteroids on a 5 parsecs radius, so you will need to fly from a star system to a star system to explore and find these asteroids.

There are several type of asteroids:
Common, rare and super rare.

Common asteroids have natural resources worth about 600 BYG. Images of some of the designs are displayed below.

Then, we have some Rare asteroids that contain precious metals in the amount equal to approximately 1200 BYG. These asteroids are marked with a specific blue glow.

Super rare asteroids contain radioactive metals used for spaceship fuel and the reward pool will be worth around 3000–4000 BYG! They are super rare, but worth it when found.

Once you detect an asteroid, you won’t be able to see its type on the radar. Once you get to the asteroid, it will reveal the amount of resources it has for mining.

Your Asteroid Hunter will be able to mine the asteroid via staking.

Note to self: Don’t forget about your ships’ damage levels, if you have > 70% damage your asteroid radar will be disabled and will not be enabled until you fix it in a Repair Station!

Happy hunting Black Eye Galaxy troopers, the ecosystem and utility are only just beginning. Explore the galaxy and star systems as a member of an alliance and collect resources as you go. You will surely need them with what’s to come.