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February Development Update

This article is intended to provide investors and players information regarding any development updates and progress for the 2022 February month.

MK1 to MK2 Asteroid Hunter Staking

The staking period for players to stake their MK1 Asteroid Hunter for the MK2 Asteroid Hunter is closed. Players with remaining MK1 Asteroid Hunters have the following options that remain available until the end of the month.

  1. Players can keep using their MK1 Asteroid Hunter’s with the 7,000 BYG capacity that has been applied. Players can continue mining upon reaching the 7,000 BYG capacity. It is important to note that once the capacity has been reached, players have the option to recycle their MK1 Asteroid Hunter at the closest available salvage depot, which can be located at some planets across the galaxy. See the Gitbook guide for more information.
  2. Players can submit a response in this google form if the player would like to swap their MK1 Asteroid Hunters for the 1,400 BYG return plus an MK1 memorial card NFT that can be staked into the reputation system to earn $50 worth of BYG reputation points. Players can decide via the form how many MK1 Asteroid Hunter’s they would to swap for this option. By the 28th of February players must have their MK1 Asteroid Hunters in “idle” mode in order for the Team to initiate the swap. Failure to do this means that we cannot process your swap request.
  3. Players can submit a response in this google form if the player would like to swap 8 or more MK1 Asteroid Hunters for a planet. See Google forms link for more details and conditions that apply. By the 28th of February players must have their MK1 Asteroid Hunters in “idle” mode in order for the Team to initiate the swap. Failure to do this means that we cannot process your swap request. Players can swap 8x MK1 Asteroid Hunters for 1x Class D Planet or swap 16x MK1 Asteroid Hunters for 1x Class H Planet, or even a mixture with larger numbers of MK1 Asteroid Hunters.

The MK2 Asteroid Hunter NFT Spaceship Release

The MK2 Asteroid Hunter released on the 21st of February (Monday), with 500 being sold out three days after release on the Wednesday. The next batch of MK2 Asteroid Hunters will be released on the 28th of February at 13:00 UTC.

Commons minted: 167
Uncommon: 174
Rare: 88
Epic: 48
Legendary: 23
Total: 500

February Partnership Summary

The Black Eye Galaxy Team are currently working on a series of partnerships that are yet to be announced. The aim with establishing these partnerships is purely for reasons that will advance our goals and vision across the metaverse by working closely with partners with similar interests.

Black Eye Galaxy partnered up with BitKeep during the February month and have also initiated a partnership giveaway which ends 6:00PM 3rd March 2022. This giveaway can be found by clicking here. Bitkeep is one of the top cryptocurrency wallets in Asia that combined a wallet, swap, Defi, Dapp and NFTs together with strong ambitions. This partnership advances Black Eye Galaxy’s interest across the Asia region. Players can learn more about Bitkeep by clicking here.

Fight Legends
Black Eye Galaxy also partnered with Fight Legends during the February month with hopes of starting a partnership giveaway soon for both communities. Fightlegends may join Black Eye Galaxy with a Star Alliance on the Galaxy Map in the future. Players can learn more about Fightlegends by clicking here.

Black Eye Galaxy Game Updates

The Black Eye Galaxy team would like to remind our community that for access to game updates and bug fixes/patches, the BYG Discord server is the best platform to join and get involved. Players can join by clicking here.

The following are updates made to the Black Eye Galaxy web-based game for the end of the February month:

Off-Chain Salvage Team Spaceship
Salvage Team NFT Spaceships are now moving from on-chain to off-chain. For existing Salvage Team Spaceships, players can move their spaceships into idle mode, where players are presented with an additional button named “Switch to Off-Chain”. Once players click this button, the Salvage Team Spaceship will be moved off-chain. Players will need to repeat this process on each Salvage Team Spaceship that is owned.

Now that the Salvage Team Spaceship is off-chain, players will need to start using the BYG Credit system in order to pay for fuel and damage costs.

Players should take a look through the BYG credit system guide by clicking here to learn how to use this system with the Salvage Team.

This system is also in operation with the MK2 Asteroid Hunter, with positive feedback received by players in the community. The MK1 Asteroid Hunter will be the next off-chain asset that will be updated in March, with all future assets being released off-chain.

Salvage Team Spaceship Minting Change
From Friday the 25th of February, the Salvage Team Spaceship will no longer be available to mint on the Black Eye Galaxy marketplace. Players can still upgrade their Salvage Team by following the standard process by purchasing upgrades using the $BYG token.

Salvage Team Fuel and Damage
As off-chain has been developed and implemented for the Salvage Team asset, fuel and repair costs have now also been implemented for all Salvage Team spaceships to ensure they are in line with all other spaceship NFTs in the Black Eye Galaxy game. The fuel and repair costs are tied to an oracle dollar equivalent as the current existing Salvage Team still operates on an oracle rewards model. This is not expected to change. The Team are currently considering the release of a new Salvage Team Spaceship in line with a non-oracle model, off-chain with the implementation of the new mining 2.0 model where rewards are resource based — more information to arrive in the future regarding the adoption of mining 2.0 to new NFT assets.

Reputation System Changes
There have been some slight changes to the player reputation system following the last week of the February month.

Reputation levels will now have been updated to reflect the new reputation system model. An image of this new model can be found below.

Current Reputation System Model

The required $BYG tokens needed to unlock powers is now based on the dollar value. Therefore, ensure you refer to this dollar value on your reputation page. $BYG staked by players will also be reflected in the dollar value added to the reputation system. An image of this can be found below.

Powers that are currently available for the current reputation system include the following:

Price: $50
+ Warp-drive L1: 5% discount to warp-drive price (total = 5%)

Price: $100
+ Tech Upgrade L1: the ability to see the rarity of asteroid/salvage on the radar systems (up to five parsecs)

Price: $200
+ Ladar System L1: additional one-parsec range to asteroid/salvage radar systems (total = 6-parsec range) MK2 & Salvage Team only (MK1 coming soon)

Price: $250
Mechanics L1–33% reduction in repair time (cost remains the same)

Price: $300
+ Ladar System L2: additional one parsec range to asteroid/salvage radar systems (total = 7 parsec range) MK2 & Salvage Team only (MK1 coming soon)

Price: $400
+ Warp-drive L2: 5% discount to warp-drive price (total = 10%)

Price: $500
+ Ladar System L3: additional one parsec range to asteroid/salvage radar systems (total = 8 parsec range) MK2 & Salvage Team only (MK1 coming soon)

Price $3,000
+ Ladar System L4: additional one parsec range to asteroid/salvage radar systems (total = 9 parsec range) MK2 & Salvage Team only (MK1 coming soon)
+ Mechanics L2–66% reduction in repair time (cost remains the same)

Price: $6,000
+ Ladar System L5: additional one parsec range to asteroid/salvage radar systems (total = 10 parsec range) MK2 & Salvage Team only (MK1 coming soon)

Price: $9,000
+ Warp-drive L3: 5% discount to warp-drive price (total = 15%)

Additional notes regarding reputation system that might be useful for players:

  • Staking is done at USD price using the Oracle exchange rate at the time of staking.
  • Once the person stakes and clicks to unlock tier, they retain the reputation level, regardless of exchange rate fluctuations.
  • If a player unstakes, they need to re-stake at the updated BYG oracle exchange rate/price.
  • Unstaking any amount recalculates the players staking level based on the latest exchange rate.
  • The current reputation system does not require players to wait to unlock the powers in the reputation system. When more powers are implemented, and UI is implemented, the unlock time for the powers will be introduced. More information regarding this is coming soon and is always subject to change.
  • The remaining powers are currently in developement with many expected to release in mid-March alongside a new UI for the player reputation system.

Scholarship System

The first iteration of the player scholarship system has now been implemented. Once players have created an account using their wallet to sign into the website, players can log in to their account with their email/password and manage their assets without needing to connect their wallet. It is important to stress that logging in via email/password does not allow the transfer, sale of assets, and purpose of assets via the marketplace. Players can only manage assets, e.g. sending out spaceships or starting operations. The scholarship system is one step further towards our goal at creating a scholarship system that incorporates the 3D racing gameplay and the 2D web-based game, which will facilitate more playtime for more players and grow the player base of Black Eye Galaxy by allowing users to join groups and help others management assets such as racing ships — something that is particularly popular across the metaverse and in projects such as Axie Infinity.

3D Racing Game

Progress continues to be made in developing the BYG 3D Racing Game. The Team are reworking the map designs and continuing to work on the mechanics needed for ranked, unranked, and PVE gameplay. The Team have also been working recently on the UI for the game menu, as seen in the video below:


Art Work

Renaming of Civilizations through Community Competition

Reminder of active running giveaways:

BYG x Bitkeep ending 6:00PM 3rd March 2022 (UTC)

BYG Social Media Community Giveaway 6:00PM 1st March 2022 (UTC)



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