HoDooi buys 3 new Star Systems to create the HoDooi Star Alliance!

Black Eye Galaxy
Black Eye Galaxy
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2 min readOct 13, 2021
Limited edition HoDooi Star Alliance CaH

We are very happy to announce that another great project has decided to create a partnership with us to buy planets in Black Eye Galaxy. HoDooi, the marketplace to create, buy, sell and re-sell NFTs, will buy 3 Star Systems (10 planets in total) to create the HoDooi Star Alliance! The total investment will equal 5K$ in $HOD tokens that will be distributed as a reward among Alliance members

HoDooi Star Alliance Utility:

  • Each planet in the alliance will have a reward pool in $BYG and a reward pool in $HOD tokens
  • All rewards will be equally distributed between Alliance members
  • Merch draws between Alliance members
  • Limited collection of only 150 cards!
  • All HoDooi Alliance members will be granted Iris citizenship

Cards distribution:

  • 50 Cards will be transferred to HoDooi team
  • 20 Cards will be reserved as rewards for BYG community competitions
  • 80 Cards will be airdropped to 80 players with the highest reputation score

About HoDooi

HoDooi.com is the multi-chain marketplace to Create, Buy, Sell & Resell NFTs in a decentralized permissionless environment initially launching on the Binance Smart Chain.

Their offering is supported by the HOD token, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. HOD can be used for payments, joining the platform’s tiered Membership Program, Staking Rewards and access to exclusive NFTs.


Twitter twitter.com/hodooicom





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Website: https://www.blackeyegalaxy.space/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/blackeyegalaxy_
Medium: https://medium.com/@blackeyegalaxy.space
Telegram: https://t.me/blackeyegalaxypublic
Github: https://github.com/blackeyegalaxy