How does mining on Planets work?

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2 min readSep 15, 2021

When you buy a planet the first thing to do is to discover the planets’ natural resources.

This is an operation that requires a specially equipped Geo-exploration spaceship.

Later those ships will be available to buy, but for now this service is executed by Iris fleet and you just pay for that. So you press:

  1. Discover natural resources button and process transaction (140 BYG cost)

2. After that you click on the Natural resources tab:

And now you will see available resources.

3. To start mining you need at least 1 mining station. Open Additions tab and decide what you want — build a factory and make building of of mining stations cheaper and faster, or build mining station right away:

If you don’t have a local factory you need to wait and pay for delivery (a total you see in Basic price). Delivery price and time depends on the distance from the planet to Iris.

4. After all that done you can start mining by pressing :

Mine natural resources button. That operation will stake your planet and you will start getting daily income.

Keep in mind that the more mining stations you have the faster resources will be mined. You can start with one station and later build other (max 3 total per planet).

You can find Claim button on Natural Resources tab.

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