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Black Eye Galaxy
Black Eye Galaxy
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2 min readSep 20, 2021

Our intergalactic marketplace will be live Monday, 2pm UTC marks a highly anticipated milestone for Black Eye Galaxy. Community members can now buy a limited collection of Planets, Discovery Ships and Cargo Ships. Planets range in price, so choose wisely. The cheaper one are Planetoids (Type D), small rocky moons, they will have a lesser amount of rewards than other types of planets.

At 3 pm UTC some of our NFT assets will also be put on sale on babylons marketplace, so if you miss out, there’s still an opportunity to grab some.

Those who own a planet will be able to discover resources, buy mining stations and start mining resources.

Owners of cargo ships will be able to lease them for cargo. Note those rewards will start appearing after we initiate the mining process for our planets.

Discovery ship owners will get a chance to send them out into the galaxy to chart undiscovered star systems.

If you missed out on the opportunity to buy a planet or ship. We have a few more assets that we will be adding to the marketplace in the coming days. New assets as well as newly discovered planets.

Next steps

Here is our short-term plan:

  • We understand how important incentives are. So we’ve introduced a reputation score system. Those who decide to hold $BYG and assets will get a score. The more you hold, the more points you receive. For players with a big reputation will get access to limited sale opportunities of some new alliances and new assets we introduce!
  • Enable auction functionality for marketplace
  • Introduce asteroids. Players will need to buy special ships to discover asteroids in the space and mine resources from them.
  • Orbital repair docs. Planet owners will be able to biuld repair docs and provide ships repair services for players

3D PC Version

As you probably know we are also working hard to extend our current web version with 3D PC version built on UE4. That will unlock land sale on inhabitant planets and much much more of new functionality. In a couple of weeks we will present the first renders of what our worlds will look like!