Limited Auction sale incoming!

Black Eye Galaxy
Black Eye Galaxy
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2 min readOct 14, 2021

First ever auction is on SCV.Finance at 18.10.21 at 8 am UTC.
Will run for a complete 24 hour period.

To our wonderful Black Eye Galaxy community! We’re happy to announce that we will be running a limited sale on SCV.Finance on 18.10.21.

It will be an auction and the highest bidder will win each item. The auction will begin at 8 am on the above date and will last for a 24 hour period.

There will be 5 planets up for grabs which are located around the Star System S0068! This is a unique sale as the winners will own the entire star system together and be one step closer to creating the foundation for your own Star Alliance.

We haven’t forgotten about how much we love our ships too. We’re throwing in 5 cargo ships and 1 discovery spaceship on auction. This will be a very exciting aution and we hope you’re the lucky winner of one of these items.

Remember to have your BNB ready, we have made sure that the auction bid begins at the lowest possible price. The prices are listed below and don’t forget to put your alarms on! You won’t want to miss out on Black Eye Galaxies first Auction!

Starting Bid Prices:
0.5 BNB for each planet
0.05 BNB for each Cargo Ship
0.15 BNB for the Discovery Ship