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Black Eye Galaxy
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3 min readSep 17, 2021

Cargo Spaceships

Cargo ships transport mined resources from planets to the marketplace on Iris. Planet owners pay 25% fee from mined resources to cover transportation cost. Earned money is distributed among all cargo ships that are leased to cargo.

  1. To start earning on you cargo ship press Lease for freight button:

2. Select for how many days you want to leasethe ship.

3. And then press lease and approve transaction.

4. After that using Info button you will be able either unstake the ship or claim rewards.

Discovery ships

To send your ship on a discovery mission you should press the button Start the flight and choose an available destination.

Remember that flight is limited with flight range, so most probably you will have to make 1–2 flights to reach discovered part of galaxy before you will get undiscovered stars among available destinations.

After choosing the destination you should approve a transaction and you will see that flight is in progress.

You can’t terminate the flight and need to wait until ship reaches the destination. Then by pressing end the flight you will unstake ship and make it available for the next flight.

Several discovery ships can start discovery flight to the same undiscovered Star systems, in this case those who will reach star the first will discover it, the rest will just reach discovered star

Please keep in mind that after each flight ship will get some percent of damage. After reaching 70% of damage cargo ship will not get any rewards for freight staking and discovery ship will not be able to fly to undiscovered star. At this point you need to flight back to Iris and repair your spaceship. Later we will add space stations with repair modules and players will be able to earn on repair services.