Dive into “Celflux: Reluctant Heroes” #1–2 Review

Let’s face it — getting into comics, while getting easier, is no small feat.

Even if you can find yourself navigating the world of back issues and multiverses with no problem, there’s still the problem of finding a series with good art, even better story, and keeps things interesting enough for you to keep coming back. And as we see with the Big Two (*ahem*, Marvel and DC) routinely falling flat on their faces when it comes to catering to fans’ demands for more diverse works, there seems to be only one option for veteran and newcoming comic fans alike: turn to indie.

Enter the world of Celflux: Reluctant Heroes.

Celflux was introduced to me by creators Dixie Ann Archer-McBain and Everard McBain. The two own a company called GemGfx, which Everard describes as a: “multidisciplinary, design consultancy providing remote design support and free design resources”. This husband/wife duo works hard to create a series that is not only wonderfully diverse, but incorporates a story that gives me goosebumps and art that can’t be contained by the page. Dixie writes, while Everard draws the tale to life — and magically, it all comes together.

Issue #1 introduces us to the story:

The planet of New Genesia is the home of six noble realms whose plant raged in war for 100 years, and was almost completely devastated by a culminating battle called the Battle of Omicion. To end the war and to ensure lasting stability, a fragile peace is brokered. The six realms now enjoy a planet, that is relatively safe and calm.
To watch over and maintain the peace, the Keepers are appointed. A neutral group of counselors. Theirs it is to ensure that no threat will come against a united Genesia and thus ensure its continued growth and prosperity…
-Prologue, Celflux #1

In the story we meet protagonist Okira, a beautiful and benefolent priestess that wakes up in a remote labratory with no memory of how she got there or what happened since. With her are other disgruntled, confused strangers. In trying to find the answers that they seek, Okira and this group realize that it may be harder than they imagined, with killers and evil rulers chasing after them.

I was drawn to the story of mystics and superpowers and villains that I loved to hate (just wait til you meet Genocyde). And sure, there’s discourse between the group of heroes that we meet — Raymond Denzel Jackson is the hothead of the group, with his flashing temper and “take no shit” attitude. But there’s enough variation between each of the heroes that you’re sure to have your favorite.

If the story isn’t enough to pique your interest, then let the artwork do it for you. Seriously. This stuff blew my mind — everything looks like it’s leaping off the page; action frequently bursting through the panels.

[caption id=”attachment_970" align=”aligncenter” width=”366"]

Celflux: Reluctant Heroes, #1

Celflux, #1[/caption]

[caption id=”attachment_971" align=”aligncenter” width=”334"]

Celflux, #2

Celflux, #2[/caption]

If you like a series that combines action, drama, and magic, then I highly suggest giving Celflux a try. And what’s even better than supporting awesome titles and the diverse creators that bring them to life?

Issue 1 and Issue 2 of the series are both avaliable for purchase on Amazon, with Issue 3 launching next month. You can also catch up on all things Celflux on Facebook and Twitter.

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