The #1 Reason Supergirl Should Be On Your Radar

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Kara herself, via NPR Fresh Air.[/caption]

This fall television series has been off to a great start, but last night’s premiere of CBS’s Supergirl really changed the game for me.

Sure there’s been some conversation on how some people simply aren’t feeling the newest superhero on the block, but personally, I love it. And I think there’s one big reason that this show needs to be on your radar that no one is talking about.

If you remember back to May when I wrote about Supergirl back when the trailer first premiered, then you’ll know that I’ve been a fan from the beginning. So yeah, I came into watching the pilot a little biased. But you know what? I still stand by a lot of my initial testimonials.

Supergirl is not perfect. Not by a long shot. The plot, though well written, does seem a bit rushed and stuffed to the brim with EVERY MAJOR PLOT POINT THE WRITER TEAM COULD THINK OF. The hour-long premiere seemed like it was really 3 or 4 major plot points, and of course, a “final minute” cliffhanger that left me and quite a few other fans with their mouths agap.

But what really drew me to the show is that, even with its imperfections, what Supergirl gets right really shines through. And you know what? There’s a lot more that the show gets right than it gets credit for.

Immediately what drew me to the show is the incredible presence that the show gets for its female cast. Kara, her stepsister Alex, and her boss Cat are all vastly different, but they all play into the show’s not-so-subtle girl power undertone. And yes, my earlier predictions of the show’s lack of diversity beyond whiteness still remain true (WoC are disturbingly nonexistent in this universe while the cast only touts two Black men on its roster). But yes, while I believe Supergirl shouldn’t escape its cringeworthy diversity erasure, I also find it remarkable that a show can raise such positive emotions in me for celebrating womanhood, in its many forms, while also kicking butt.

Showing Kara as the show did puts Supergirl ahead of its rival shows in that she’s freaking powerful. The CGI is one of the best I’ve seen from a superhero show (no cheesy special effects here), and it stands out as it makes Kara’s action shots truly stand out. From her punches to her flight sequences — Supergirl pulls no punches when it allows Kara’s moment in the spotlight to include her in her capable, formidable hands.

Overall, Supergirl is the kind of show that I want the young girls in my life. Frankly, it’s a superheroine focused show that I needed to see when I did. It’s a show that’s focused on how awesome it is to be a girl, no matter how you define it. It’s a show that lets its heroine be equal parts insecure and rising like the badass she is powerful. And at it’s core, it’s a show that doesn’t use other women to bring Kara on top; it does the opposite, as it allows her to stretch out her hand to lift them up as she, herself, flies up, up, and away.

And that’s a show that we desperately need on our television rotation.

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