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Top Stories From September And Announcing a New Series

What If Martin Luther King, Jr Was Assassinated Before Malcolm X?

Because we celebrate Black History all year round, there were a number of articles that got my attention in September.

I contributed a couple:

The Assassination of Malcolm X, which reveals just how little we know about the circumstances of his murder and the subsequent cover-up.

“None of the FBI informants or the undercover operatives testified at the trial of the suspects. The FBI knew that two men were ultimately convicted of a murder they didn’t commit, and they said nothing.”

I also wrote, White Women Lied and Black People Died that recounted how many lynchings and racial massacres can be attributed to the lies of white women.

“Unsubstantiated rumors of black men attacking innocent white women sparked almost 50 percent of all race riots in the United States between Reconstruction and World War II.” Danielle McGuire — Historian

I threw in, A Man Was Lynched Yesterday which was the story that was hung outside the NAACP Headquarters on 5th Avenue in New York, the day after a lynching in America for a period of almost twenty years until public pressure forced its removal.

“There is no record of how many times the “Man Was Lynched” flew over the eighteen years it was used. It is known that it was used for lynchings in the state of Georgia 73 times.”

Herbert Dyer, Jr. gave us It’s Never Been About ‘Critical Race Theory’…But About Criticizing White People. Serious talk about Republican efforts to eliminate the discussion of race from schools in America.

So, henceforth and forever forward, white America needs to get and remain honest with itself and with its history. It must acknowledge and atone for the oceans of blood it has spilled in the creation and maintenance of this white settler colonial nation-state. Indeed, if nothing else, the last four years have demonstrated even to the densest observer that it is long past time that white America cease pretending that it is so very special, so very “exceptional,” so very pure, so very “superior.”

Quintessa reminded us of the four Black girls that died in a Birmingham church 58 years ago with, Denise, Carole, Addie, and Cynthia: The Four Black Girls of Bombingham.

“Hoover had been asked twice by investigators for permission to share their findings with the U.S. Attorney and prosecutor, who had little knowledge of the incident or evidence because Hoover failed to share it with them. Hoover denied both requests. Hoover’s refusal and belief that the suspects would not be convicted played a vital role in the 39-year-old justice that would follow.”

I’m starting on a series that keeps me up at night thinking about the story and its ramifications. I’ve been watching a few shows lately that featured Malcolm X as either the featured character or in a lesser role. I began thinking about how history would have changed if Martin Luther King, Jr had been assassinated on February 21, 1965, and Malcolm survived him? I’m still outlining the series, it definitely won’t be a single story. I encourage everyone to either subscribe to me personally or this letter to be sure not to miss a segment.

Yours in Black History,

William Spivey




Stories in this publication will focus on Black History and a little White History that has been distorted. We’ll focus on people and policies and the impact they continue to have on America today.

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