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Top Stories in November

Five Chapters of, “What if Martin Were Assassinated Before Malcolm?”

Because of how the days fell, I published five chapters or What if Martin Was Assassinated Before Malcolm? I met every goal of having each new chapter out by Monday. I don’t yet feel how many chapters this will be? As I research, I’m uncovering a lot of history I’m compelled to include. While this is a work of fiction, It took until Chapter 5 to diverge from the timeline, and I’ve now hit unexplored territory. Although Chapter 6 has now been published in December, I am putting it in this newsletter as a bonus. Though this series isn’t getting the readership, I hoped for, like the saying, “Dance as if nobody’s watching,” I plan to keep writing as if nobody’s reading, writing for myself until completion.

Chapter One: The FBI

Chapter Two: The Significance of Birmingham

Chapter Three: Malcolm’s Journey to Selma

Chapter Four: Panic at the FBI

Chapter Five: The Response to Jimmie Lee Jackson

Chapter Six: Riots in the Streets

I immensely enjoyed a story by Alison Gaines, who wrote, “How a Free Breakfast Became the U.S. Biggest Threat. I praise all the writers who write about Black history, especially outside of February which is designated Black History Month. Take care all!

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