White Privilege Returns to College Football

Nick Saban Lashes Out About NIL, Texas A&M, and an HBCU

Nick Saban and Deion Sanders

I can’t compare college football directly to enslavement, it’s more like indentured servitude. The college athlete agrees to serve master's for a given number of years, in return, they get food and board for their work, and allegedly an education. The master, in this case, is the university, which…




Stories in this publication will focus on Black History and a little White History that has been distorted. We’ll focus on people and policies and the impact they continue to have on America today.

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William Spivey

William Spivey

I write about politics, history, education, and race. Follow me at williamfspivey.com and support me at https://ko-fi.com/williamfspivey0680

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