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George Soros, the Favorite Banker of the Far-Left

George Soros’s main objective: eradicate conservatism

It is an understatement to say that George Soros has made a lot of money: a billion and a half dollars in a single day when he speculated on the British pound in 1992. And with his enormous wealth, he can distribute gifts to his political equals, but especially invest in a future where the conservative movement will have been crushed.

There is no compromise for that billionaire: either you are with him, or against him. And in this post-truth era, those who are against him are accused of being dangerous conspiracy theorists and neo-Nazi pricks.

A Life Dedicated to the Democrats

George Soros’s name appeared 56 times in Hillary Clinton’s emails published on Wikileaks’s website. No wonder he donated more than $25 million to the ex-presidential candidate in 2016 and to other members of the Democratic Party. Obviously, Joe Biden was also entitled to his financial support in 2020.

But Soros has adopted a pro-Democrat stance long before 2016. In 2004, for instance, the year the businessman said that the sacking of George W. Bush was “a matter of life and death”, he had bet 20 million on John Kerry, the Republican’s opponent.

In recent years, though, what matters most to the businessman is the fight carried out in the lower echelons of American politics, more precisely among the district attorneys. Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner alone received 1.7 million from Soros in 2018. Krasner, who flirts with the neo-Marxist movement, sued the Philadelphia Police Department multiple times. Since he took office, dozens of local prosecutors either have been sacked or have resigned from their posts, feeling uncomfortable working with such an enemy of law enforcement.

Former San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who used to serve as a translator in the Venezuelan Presidential Palace during the administration of Hugo Chavez, was also financially supported by Soros and his organizations. Boudin, who was described by his critics as “soft on crime”, was the target of three recall campaigns, the last of which resulted in his removal from office. Another Soros darling, Kim Foxx of Cook County, Illinois, has seen the number of guilty pleas or verdicts in criminal cases drop by 13% within her stronghold since taking up her duties.

This support given by the native Hungarian to radical left-wing prosecutors does not please everyone. Even the very progressive USA Today highlighted, in a February 2020 article, the growing anger among police officers regarding these prosecutors’ approach in the wake of the defund the police movement.

And since Soros enjoys a perfect love affair with the Democrats, throwing Donald Trump out of office was one of his top priorities.

More than 80 advocacy groups joined a broad coalition calling itself Protect the Results, which argued that Trump posed a threat to American democracy. The coalition is a project born out of a partnership between Indivisible and Stand Up America, two left-wing organizations founded in response to the election of Donald Trump in 2016. Both Indivisible and Stand Up America are part of the Democracy Alliance (DA), funded, among others, by Soros himself.

A Cross-Border Political Influence

The Open Society Foundations (OSF) is a name to remember. For those who know nothing about it, the OSF is the locomotive of the Soros Empire. In 2017, the businessman transferred $18 billion to this fund, which, at the time, represented the bulk of his personal fortune, estimated at $24.6 billion. The foundation is nowadays larger than the Ford Foundation and the second-largest charity behind Bill Gates’s foundation, based on figures from the National Philanthropic Trust.

The OSF has spent around $14 billion since the 1980s; $14 billion used mainly to promote “progressive” causes. And who says “progressive” causes, says UN and European Union. In 2016 alone, OSF officials attended meetings with members of the European Commission on 42 occasions. The foundation is even said to keep in reserve an extended list of more than 200 names of “good friends” it can count on within the European Parliament.

Soros’s involvement in politics is not new. In a 1995 interview, the businessman had confessed to having direct access to the Clinton administration: “There is no question about this. We actually work together as a team”. This relationship with the Clintons would never be broken down. For that matter, an email posted by Wikileaks revealed that in 2011, Soros instructed Hillary Clinton to intervene in Albanian politics, which she did.

In Russia, the strongman of the OSF once quipped that the former Soviet Empire was called the “Soros Empire”. That period would cost Russia dearly. Members of Soros’s entourage, who advised former President Boris Yeltsin, ended up ruining the Russian economy, exploiting their access to the country’s rulers for personal gain.

More than 100 billion dollars had reportedly been diverted out of Russia, which, during the post-Soviet years, was badly in need of capital. Soros had even been summoned to testify before the U.S. House Banking Committee where he had denied culpability, but admitted to using insider access in an illegal deal to acquire a large portion of Sidanko Oil. The chairman of the House Banking Committee, Jim Leach, had said that the affair had been one of the “greatest social robberies in human history”.

Soros also funded the “Rose Revolution” in Georgia, a grassroots movement that forced President Edouard Shevardnadze to resign in November 2003. Furthermore, the billionaire provided millions to help overthrow ex-Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic.

Hates Israel, Praises Islamists, Advocates Abolishing Borders

We can summarize Georges Soros’s political position with this single sentence: “His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle”.

The leftist businessman pronounced these words in 2015 when criticizing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s handling of the European migrant crisis. Yes, the head of the Open Society Foundations would like to break down the borders. But what irritates his adversaries the most are his opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A Jew by birth, Soros has never shied away from discrediting Israeli policies.

The OSF makes no secret of it: one of its aims is to challenge Israel’s “racist and anti-democratic policies”. This is why the organization financially supports pro-Palestinian groups. To the New Yorker, Soros had this to say: “I don’t deny the Jews the right to a national existence, but I don’t want anything to do with it”.

Nothing unusual here when you consider that former Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif said in 2018 that his government had worked closely with the Open Society Foundations.


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