Creative Lockdown Series Canada Edition: E’s Element


E’s Element is a Canada-based athleisurewear and jewellery brand

The Sweatsuit Collection- E’s Element

I recently came across a beautifully creative brand called E’s Element and I had to include it in our Creative Lockdown series right here on Black Lives Global. The brand is the brainchild of multi-talented, passionate style blogger Emmanuela Okon.

She launched the cool and infinitely creative athleisurewear and jewellery brand during the reflective and contemplative moments of the global pandemic lockdown.

In July 2020, the seeds for E’s Element were sewn and by January 2021, the brand was officially unleashed online.

Emmanuela is a successful Nigerian-Canadian style blogger and this is what she had to say about her multifaceted brand:

“I knew I always wanted to start a business once I graduated from University, and so I did. I created E’s Element because I wanted to give people easy and quick access to quality jewellery and athleisurewear.”

The brand does exactly that, offers high-quality, stylish and comfortable athletic loungewear alongside, stunning, easy-breezy jewellery.

E’s Element is a testament to Emmanuela’s creativity as a renowned style blogger, her brand offers clean aesthetics, simple and functional design and beautiful jewels for the modern woman.

E’s Element debuted with ‘The Sweatsuit Collection.’ A comfortable collection of, soft, high-quality hooded sweatsuits, everyday essentials for day to day wear. Simple yet stylish and highly functional, an excellent style addition for casual and comfy, everyday style.

The Link Collection

Alongside the Sweatsuit Collection came ‘The Links Collection.’ A stunning collection of aesthetically pleasing jewellery made to compliment your everyday style. Stylish, edgy and subtle and clean, the Link Collection is perfect for day and evening wear.

I love comfortable basics and edgy jewellery, so I was instantly drawn to E’s Element’s pieces.

The brand is based in Canada and we look forward to more stunning collections from Emmanuela in the near future.

You can find out more about the brand by visiting their official website and by following them on Instagram.

E’s Element Website

E’s Element Instagram



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