If you’re “applying for a job” at Black One — Read this first!

Let’s make some things clear, manage expectations, and avoid extra work for all. An honest no-bullshit guide.

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We are very thankful for all the applications we get, but this has gone to an extreme and we feel we need to make some things clear and give some pointers that will help everyone involved and interested.

First off let’s give you some perspective, on average we get 5–10 applications/day from designers, videographers, marketing, and business talent, and in the range of 300–400 / month and more than 4.000 per year. To be honest, we have almost lost track here, and if your application is not standing out immediately it will never be answered.

Interestingly, adding to this effect on top, some of our old job seekings were scrapped by some new upcoming job platforms and they have been running paid ads on it. They want to grow with whatever means.

So a bit of ego-stroking, but it is good to have the luxury of being a “sexy” company where many (talented) people seem to want to work at. Most important of all, Black One intends to be a place for the best-seasoned professionals and creatives, regardless of age, university background etc.

All that matters initially: your real skills and practical experience.

Without exaggeration, our claim is to be one of the most exclusive places for only the best. And this is deeply ingrained into our culture and daily work.

Read here about our values.

This is what we have put all our heart-blood in for the last two years and this is exactly what draws you to us, so ask yourself do you also realistically fulfill this yourself and why should exactly you be given this privilege?

  1. We are no place for “juniors”, “job beginners”, the place for your first job out of university to “learn”. Everyone with less than five years of relevant work experience is considered a junior, in our eyes. — Sorry, we do not have time to teach you the ropes. If not specified in specific, that we are looking for a junior, then we aren’t.
  2. We only want vetted senior professionals. That means you have at least 6–8 years of relevant experience at top-addresses e.g. top marketing /ad agencies, performance marketing agencies, an entertainment company (in Korea, China), a artist management company with artists that have billboard placings (we do not care about indie artist level), an investment bank (M&A team), company builders (Rocket Internet etc.) or consulting.
  3. Do not apply for an executive-level/team lead position if you have not at least led a team of a minimum of five people for two years with decision- and budget power. Learn the ropes first somewhere else. But we will turn senior professionals fast into team leads if they develop fast enough and want to.
  4. We do not care much about your university degree. We only care about your skills and work experience. A degree does not mean much anymore in the world. Show us what real skills you have in terms of projects you did (with numbers as a result) or your portfolio, if you are creative.
  5. Provide high-profile recommendations. We will only look at applications in more-depth if you attach at least two recommendations by former employers.
  6. Do your research. First, if you have not read all that exists, and have understood what is on our pages then your chances are even worse. And please read a bit about the music and entertainment industry before applying here.
  7. Expect lots of work, lots of work. A startup venture is like an elite force team, where each member is able to do easily the work of at least 5 people. If you are not able to do this or prefer a regular 5 to 6 pm, then a big company is the better place.

General Tipps / Massive No-Nos

Resumes or cover letters with these standard phrases will end up in the trash automatically. It’s better to avoid those and really think deeply about what you want to sell to us…

Do not tell us it is your dream. — We simply do not care. Why should we? Rather tell us, how you can help us to realize OUR dream. Go from “I, I, I” to “you, your, yours”. And in the best case, our and your dream align, otherwise, it is simply goodbye.

Do not tell us it is your passion.- Again, we do not care. Be excellent and outstanding at what you do, that is what counts. Normally to become this level you have the passion naturally inside of you.

Do not tell us: “I want to learn”, “I want to develop myself at your place” — This is the total wrong mindset. After all, we are no university or academy and why should we train you while paying you full-wage? You should come to us with already a high-level skill set that you can teach US a thing or two, not the other way around. “We want people that tell us what to do and not the other way around”, is what Steve Jobs also said.

Do not tell us: I like Berlin and want to move there and explore it.
We are not your exchange year tourist destination. Lots of people like and want to move to Berlin, so earn it.

What are you really in for? — People basically work for three reasons. a) Money. b) Status. c) Because they love the work they do.

And for sure, a good job or role gives you all of this.

But we get far too many applications where it is clear that just the first two things are the real driver. Working at a “cool, young entertainment company in Berlin, where I think I will work 9 to 5 and where I can go clubbing on the weekends in Berghain, while on the side working on a few artistic projects like becoming a DJ/writing a few songs/poems, doing a bit of photography here and there”. If that is your aspiration/imagination of what we offer here, you are definitely in the wrong place. Again expect lots of work, work, work.

We are simply a place for overachievers who love what they do and go the extra mile. At our place, you can get to a grand-master level in your craft if you are already a master.

And are you willing to prove us, that you want it so bad if we would offer you, for instance, a 2–3 month testing period/test project with no pay or guarantee for taking you over? If you say no, then better look somewhere else.

Working in a startup is a luxury first of, that you must be able to afford and also a harsh, productive, yet beautiful, versatile place that you must be willing to dive into with all you have.

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