Introducing Black One 2.0

A deeper look at our new brand, casting tour, and the future.

Black One Entertainment
Black One Entertainment
4 min readMar 22, 2021


Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like. ― Lao Tzu

Meet Black One 2.0

We know many of your reading this were eagerly awaiting some new official news of Black One. Well, here we are. Let’s look at some of the profound changes we’ve made and what’s coming in the next 24 months.

Let’s start with the most obvious: our new brand and website.

Black One 2.0

(Left) Our old symbol — (Right) Our new symbol

With a new direction, we also felt the need to clarify our brand image. Our new direction as a company is lean, focused and adapted for a world post-pandemic. This is what we wanted to reflect not only in our work, but whenever someone visits our website or interacts with our brand.

The new symbol quickly visualizes the black number 1, appearing bold and impactful. The intention is for the logo to be dynamically projected according to external factors such as light, contrast, and background changes, bypassing an immediately perceived appearance.

(Scroll up and down to see the illusion of our new logo moving)

Among changes to our brand’s appearance, we’ve also simplified our internal processes and how we discover, build, launch, distribute, and manage talent. Some of this you will see described on our new website (which we’ll be updating on an ongoing basis) and our social media channels.

Casting Tour 2021

This our first official Audition of the year. Many of you have already asked us about our new ‘format’ and if they can still apply. The short answer: yes, but you might have to wait until it’s your turn.

What do we mean by that? The new Black One Audition system comes with a little caveat. Instead of what we did in the past (open to all, at all times) we’re moving to a more specific model. Here we specify whom we’re looking for (sex, age, location) as well as what in specific you’re auditioning for (new group concept, background dancer, songwriter, etc.)

This, of course, will exclude some people for now. It all depends on what we’re searching for at any given point in time. Especially, when it comes to the location of the individual we’re trying to find. We can’t stress this enough: please double-check if your location is part of the Audition. Applications that don’t meet our basic criteria will be filtered out by the system.

There will be opportunities in the future for everyone to apply. In some cases, even global Auditions with local partners in different territories. In all cases, you’ll be able to view upcoming Auditions on our new website soon. So, make sure you sign up for Black One Audition updates.

As far as this Casting Tour’s criteria goes: we’re looking for talented people (Male/Female, 16–20) who are especially strong in dancing. Candidates need to live in Europe and will potentially be a part of a new group concept.

And out of this Casting Tour, we will invite the most talented to this year’s training camp here in Berlin. After a few weeks of supervision and analysis, we’ll finalize our group concept and choose its members. These training camps are fully financed for all participants (meaning all costs for the training, accommodation, food, etc. are covered by us).

Our Future (the Next 24 Months)

The worldwide pandemic has forced us to make some major changes to our business model. The biggest being the development of our campus. Given the current situation and our prediction for the next 24 months, we’ve decided to postpone construction. Our focus now: holistic development and growth of our upcoming artists supported by an extensive partner network.

Other projects like our dance studio (operated by Black One) as well as online academy will also be put on hold for the time being. We want to ensure that all of our energy and time goes into the successful launch of new artists. Everything else (big campus, academy, etc.) can and will come later.

On the point of launching new artists, we achieved a significant milestone this year by getting investors onboard our little rocket ship. This great increase in available capital will help us fuel our company’s growth as well as our artist launching endeavors. Much of this capital will go directly into creating stunning campaigns, unique music videos, and major distribution.

All-in-all we hope this brings a bit more light to our ongoing efforts in these strange times. Thank you for your continuous support; we don’t take it for granted. Feel free to ask us more questions on Tellonym. Stay healthy.

There are many shortcuts to failure, but there are no shortcuts to true success.



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