The Trainee Life — A Visual Journey

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See visually what potentially awaits you!

This is just a visual display of what awaits if you have more questions read the Trainee FAQ (Best-Of) and/or ask your question on Tellonym. We only answer questions there, because it benefits everyone. Questions via Email will be not answered.

1. The Audition

The Audition is the first step on the long journey to becoming a well-rounded and highly skilled performer and artist. So go ahead at

Here the most important resources:

Audition here

Audition Guide at Black One Academy
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Tellonym (More than 3800+ answered question)

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2. The Basic Training / Traineeship

At our facilities in Berlin, you will be trained in vocal, dance, and special skills. Lots of practical lessons with also a bit of theory.

Intensive dance, performance, and acting classes…..

And during the traineeship living at beautiful and functional trainee apartments in the city…

3. More Advanced Training and Debut Preparations

If you have made good progress and also “survived” the basic training and in-between progress exams, you are now getting closer to a debut.

Concepts, style, and also stage outfits will be developed and experimented with fashion and beauty experts.

And the trainees are now getting more and more outside activities, leading up to the big day…

4. The Debut & Career

Let’s go out there and enjoy it! Teamwork is everything.

You have trained so long for this moment. All this sweat, blood, and tears. Now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your work and entertain and inspire audiences…

All these lights!!!

And the second part of another long journey now starts. You are now a debuted artist and together we will work on a longterm career…and the sky is just the limit…never stop getting better and trying harder.

Created in collaboration with daehwisdays . Learn more about the artist and check out the Black One x daewishdays Collaboration

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