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If you are interested in making it into our Trainee = Building Track, this will answer ALL your questions. Last Update: February 2020

The evolution from trainee to performing artist

Black One is unique in being the first company offering a similar approach like the modern entertainment companies in Asia / South Korea.

We are offering mainly two tracks for top talent in music. Accelerating (for established talent) and Building (for young talent), which could be also called the Trainee track.

If you want to learn more about above graphic and the two tracks read here:

If you are yourself or are representing a more advanced artist, with already national or international placements/releases, then just send us a short mail to to learn more about how to get involved.

And if you want to explore visually how the daily Trainee Life looks like, head into The Trainee Life — A Visual Journey.

But now without further ado, let’s head into the questions, which we have assembled patiently from countless messages on Tellonym, Instagram, Facebook, and E-Mails.

So please read this FAQ before possibly asking the same question twice. A good trainee is also attentive to their surroundings and also an attentive reader/learner. Do not be lazy, explore all that exists! And please refrain from sending emails with questions, which likely won’t be answered, but use our Tellonym, so everyone can benefit from it also.

Training Life:

Will your idols and trainees be allowed to have a phone and keep their social media accounts?

It depends at which stage/ in which phase they are. If you are very fresh to Black One, you will be likely still in “stealth mode” meaning you are not allowed to communicate openly that you are a trainee. The closer you are getting to debut, and the debut is finalised then we will also give you lots of freedom.

If I become a trainee, am I going to be living in dorms with other trainees?

Yes, you will be provided with accommodation either in dorms or company apartments, where you will be living with other trainees. No one will live entirely on their own, which is lonesome also.

Do trainees get weekends off? Do trainees get vacations during summer?

Yes, of course. Trainees are being treated like employees with the similar rights and obligations also in line with European and German standards! You will have days off and vacations.

Will trainees have some free time during the day and the evening?

Yes, like any other “employee”.

Do trainees train 7 days a week?

No, this is not productive at all. Humans are no machines and need rest.

How many hours do your trainees train? When do they wake up and when can they go back to their dorms?

Trainees are basically like employees. So at least 8 hours of work every day. But it is your own choice if you want to do and train more. But we will make sure that you don’t overdo it.

I heard some Kpop Companies make their trainees train for more than 18 hours a day. Is your company planning on giving this kind of schedule too?

First of all, we only take the best parts of the K-Pop approach, and we are no 1:1 copy of them, meaning we will not do 18hr training days, which is in our opinion not productive. And see the questions above already answered. Work-Life Balance is important to us.

Are trainees allowed to keep pets in their dorms?

No, because trainees will be very busy and taking care of a pet will be too stressful. Nevertheless, on campus, there will be a few “company pets” so you can get also your daily dose of cuddling. After debuting and when you move to your own place, then you are free whatever to do, but it is important to know that taking care of a pet is no easy feat and the welfare of the animal should be the most important. Just keeping a pet because you do not want to be alone, is egoistic.

Do you support trainees who want to start or to continue their university studies?

Normally, if you are a trainee you will be just to busy to start or continue university studies. If it is a music university, it might still make sense to continue and we will support it. But generally, as a trainee, it will be better to focus on training and once debuted and in the career, it may be a way better timing to also do university studies on the side. Generally, we support all kinds of education and place high importance on it. But university won’t run away and it is never too late to go to it, whereas a traineeship at Black One you will be only offered once in your life.

Will trainees are given a good standard of living/accommodation if they already don’t live in Germany, also will they have to pay a rental fee and food?

Yes, of course, we provide a good standard of living. No, you do not pay rent or for food. That is all included. And clothes and hygiene articles are provided all for free in the “Fashion & Beauty Lab”. Otherwise, you are not given any extra “pocket money” or monthly allowance, so if you want to buy things outside campus, that needs to be your own money.

What happens to the trainee’s that have been their for years but didn’t meet the cut for the final debut group will you let them go or will they wait for the next group?

That is decided on a case-by-case basis. Some will (have to) leave, some will perhaps move/transfer to another label (we might even arrange for it), some will train more and perhaps get a chance later. But there is no standard rule for it.

After becoming a trainee should we learn German?

No, not necessarily, only if you want to learn it. We are producing artists for the world and speaking good English plus another (native) languages is more than enough.

Are you going to teach rapping to your trainees too?

Yes, if they want to and also have talent / pre-experience /disposition for it. Not everyone is fit to learn it and not everyone needs to learn it.


This might be a strange question but I noticed that in K-Pop, they follow the groups around with cameras and film them doing activities like bonding games etc. will that be happening with this company as well?

Hi there, we do not think this is a strange question at all. Sure, of course, we will be documenting also already the early trainee days, daily life at Black One Campus and later, of course, the behind-the-scenes of the career, and all even potentially within a TV format → early project name: “Black One Diaries”. :)

Would your trainees have a Youtube channel or a social media page so that we could follow them or are you going to keep them secret until they debut?

See already answered above. Sowe are weighing all options, and likely this will also become a reality.

Will your trainees have pre-debut schedules?

Sure to the extent it is actually possible. You need to be trained first. And the more generations and different artists we have performing and active, it is common sense then to also give trainees the chance to perform/act e.g. in music videos in smaller supporting roles, at live performances etc.

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