spirit greet. (16)

*image captured by walkerj.*

the pull of the heat. the warmth in the rays. i am commanded, do not move, by your smile. your eyes a dark web of interest and curiosity.

i want to stay in your sight. captive by want. a want i don’t understand and don’t try. i feel.

we look inside each other. we’ve seen these souls before. this is not our first meet and greet.

do i know you?” you ask. i stop breathing. your voice. reminiscent of freedom dreams. my spine erect. i forget how to breathe. the heat of your confusion and connection on your face warming my fears.

i don’t think so. but we could probably change that.” i’ve never been so bold before. i almost regret it until your eyes linger on my lips. too long to be ignored. too long for you to pretend it was random.

you lower your eyes, a blush in your body language. your smile reaches your eyes lingering over your mistake. was it a mistake?

you hand touches my arm. i trust your energy. “i would like to.” your whisper and your hand moves over me at the same time. you fingers touch mine. an intake of both of our breaths. “i would like to end this day with my lips between yours. i’ve never wanted to kiss anyone this much.”

it is my turn to smile now. i do. taking you in. i want you to kiss me now. in front of the world. my courage waning in the presence of your wants.

somewhere, fire is burning wood. the smoke as mist, coating us in element scents. we stand in fall peace. red and orange leaves blow past our feet.

i scare you? you’re thinking too hard.” you tease.

“no. i don’t scare easily. i’m trying to figure out how to tell you, ‘you don’t have to wait until the end of the day.”

“i’m liking getting to know you already.” your hand wraps around mine. “i don’t want to lose you, yet.”

i know the feeling.

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