(manchester, england.)

if i could have what i want
i choose you
i want you
you’re not one dimensional
secret layers hide underneath your skin
your eyes show past lifetimes behind their lids
you matter because you are here
you are here in this skin 
you matter

(miami, florida.)

folded parts
packed parts
in neat, equal corners collecting dust
messy parts
chaotic parts
always forced into rearranging
loud parts
pained parts
rooted in some afrikan descended dysfunction based on conditioning to fear your skin and theirs
scared parts
sacred parts

(austin, texas.)

i know your parts
tears born on cargo ships and plantations passed down by ancestors that died unhealed
rage confined in chains, chased with whips, flesh burned in fire, shot with bullets, rope burns around your neck, while your babies are sold away
resilience because each day the sun rises and so shall you

( knoxville, tennessee. )

push through to the north
to find your way back west
freedom by dawn’s early light
planned parts
strong parts
warrior parts
spiritual parts
each day you go forth

man parts
woman parts
loved parts
the continent is in you
your people didn’t leave it behind
you are not lost
own your little afrikan spaces
leave roots
you belong exactly where you are

(toronto, canada.)

in all your parts
such lovely parts
glowing parts
splendid parts
earth color hues
if i could have what i want
i’d choose you again and again
i am in love with your blackness
your blackness unafraid of your blackness

(memphis, tennessee. 1968.)