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Jacquelyn Iyamah
Black UX Collective
1 min readJul 10, 2020

Add your information to be part of the network

Last year, I created a spreadsheet asking Black designers in the tech space to add their name, email, design specialty, portfolio, dribble, twitter etc. I have decided to add the spreadsheet in this article so that more people in the community can do so.


I receive a lot of messages from companies looking for Black talent through the Black UX Collective. This is a way that companies can more easily access your information. If I get a message from a company, I can simply direct them to this link.

This spreadsheet is for Black UX designers, Product Designers, User Researchers, UI Designers, UX Consultants, Product Managers and more. Your presence in this space is valuable.

Add your information to this spreadsheet for more visibility. #weouthere

In solidarity,

Jacquelyn Iyamah @blackuxcollective

Jacquelyn Iyamah
Black UX Collective