One-click translate a website in seconds with Google Translate Neural Network AI

If you ever had to create a multilingual website, you know how frustrating it is, I mean used to be :)

It is challenging for multiple reasons:
- Not easy to find a website engine that supports translating content easily
- User Interface to manage content in multiple languages is usually not great
- How to maintain a page in various languages? How to make quick updates..
- Need high quality? Very expensive, quotes of thousands of dollars 
- It is a slow process to manage getting the translated text and entering it again in the website editor, line per line

We solved it at Blackbell 😎

We built a magic one click button experience to translate a full website in seconds:

Demo: Translate a website in seconds with Blackbell

What is Google Translate Neural Network and why it is changing the game

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. 
- Arthur C. Clarke

Best summarized in this article of

“Speech recognition didn’t work very well until Brain undertook an effort to revamp it; the application of machine learning made its performance on Google’s mobile platform, Android, almost as good as human transcription.”
From the New York Time:

Long story short, Google is using Artificial Intelligence to translate text, and it is getting better every day. It is really, really good.
Oh, let me repeat: IT IS GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY. 💪 💪 💪 💪 
Imagine the quality in one year. 🙈

At the time of writing this post, Google supports these languages pairs, and adds more languages every other month:

German <-> English 
Spanish <-> English 
French <-> English 
Japanese <-> English 
Korean <-> English 
Portuguese <-> English 
Turkish <-> English 
Chinese(Simplified) <-> English


What it means for the future?

Remember when you heard that voice? song? announcement for the first time?-

With the flat world we are heading into, thanks to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Amazon, removing the language barrier is a game changer.

You share cooking recipes? 
It will be crystal clear for your followers in Brazil or China.
You make video tutorials about makeup ? 
Kids who dream to grow up and look like you will dream bigger.
You sell handmade decoration for the kitchen? 
There are many kitchen in Italy.

Available Today

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