Blackbelt Announces Company Momentum with New Hire Matt Gross, Office Relocation and Plans for Industry-Disrupting brandOS Platform

Blackbelt, the leading AI marketing company, announced today the relocation of its headquarters to Jackson Square, San Francisco to accommodate current and future employee growth. As part of the expansion, the company welcomes Matt Gross as Head of Data Science, who will lead the development of its proprietary software platform brandOS (bOS).

Gross joins Blackbelt from iCrossing where he built and lead the Data Science team, as well as the national SEM team. With over 15 years of experience, Gross has worked alongside major brand names, including Williams-Sonoma, PNC Bank, Sears, Rackspace, Symantec, Teleflora and Toyota to build data-responsive digital marketing campaigns.

In his role at Blackbelt, Gross will lead the Data Science team and build out his team with a focus on analytics, data engineering and machine learning. In addition, he will lead the architecture and building of the bOS platform, an industry-disrupting service coming in 2017 that will combine machine intellect, human intuition and creativity to continuously reveal unseen patterns in data. Blackbelt will utilize the AI branding platform to highlight transformative businesses opportunities for its clients.

“This is an exciting time for Blackbelt as we continue to grow as a company and invest aggressively in AI,” said Blackbelt CEO Grant McDougall. “The hire of Matt Gross will propel Blackbelt’s bOS platform forward, enabling our company to provide unparalleled service and expertise for our customers.”

Over the past year, Blackbelt has tripled its employee count, with hires augmented in Data Science, Creative Production, Client Service, Operations and Finance. Its new office, located in the heart of San Francisco’s creative neighborhood, primes the company for further growth. For more information on Blackbelt and its open positions, please visit

About Blackbelt

Blackbelt, the leading AI marketing company, offers creative expertise and consulting services that transform businesses. By combining a core team of passionate thinkers and tapping an on-demand ecosystem of creative problem solvers, the company is able to curate unique teams with specific skill sets that cater to any marketing initiative for clients including, IBM, NerdWallet, Zume Pizza, Visa, AT&T and VMWare, among others.

The company will launch its proprietary software platform brandOS (bOS) in 2017, making Blackbelt the catalyst for a new type of thinking that helps companies forge a new future. The bOS platform will combine machine intelligence in tandem with human intuition and creativity to transform marketing and drive business transformation. For more information, visit

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