Women in Kix Wednesday!! #WKW

So, on Wednesdays, the day so faithfully reserved for #WCW, I will feature women who are doing big things in sneaker culture and/or issues women face in sneaker culture because, let’s be real, there are many!

This week though, I just want to shine a little light on my spirit animal, downtown’s sweetheart — Vashtie Kola aka Va$htie!

In addition to being an awesome DJ, music video director (which deserves it’s own separate post for appreciation), model, taste-maker and trendsetter, she also has the distinct honor of being the first (and still only?) woman to design a pair of Jordan’s (Jordan II).

courtesy of vashtie.com

I call Va$tie my spirit animal because I identify with her in many ways. We both grew up kickin’ it with guys and gravitated towards masculine things, like baggy pants, sneakers, sports, skateboarding, etc. We were both bullied in middle school. We both drew and designed sneakers as children. We are both artistically inclined, in both film and music. And we both just do our own style regardless of what’s going on around us or what’s popular. AND she had a sneaker birthday cake, which is something I’ve always wanted!

courtesy of vashtie.com

She’s done so much for women in sneaker culture, hip hop culture, street wear culture, and film. She’s everywhere, doing the damn thing and without alot of fanfare. So let’s shine some light on her today.

Independent commercial for the Va$tie Jordan II