Blackbox Pre-ICO Progress Update

One of our regular remote Blackbox meetings

From all of us at Blackbox we want to thank everyone for the tremendous support and interest! We’re off to a phenomenal start! If you haven’t already registered, visit the Blackbox official token page and sign up.

Disclaimer: The Blackbox token sale is only available to persons outside the US and China.

Marketing Campaign

In just the past few weeks we’ve gone from zero awareness to a record breaking airdrops campaign, resulting in a community of 20,921 Telegram, 15,823 Twitter, 9,962 Facebook, 2,374 newsletter subscribers, and thousands of views on our website. Our documents have been translated into a number of languages including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and more. We had so much demand on the bounty campaign we had to close it early.

Crypto Press/Events:

Since we announced our intention to focus on the decentralized future of work, we’ve refined the MVP process, began speaking around the world, gave interviews on our ideas, blogged, made videos, and more.

Ben Stewart at UNCHAIN —

….and we’re already making a name for ourselves in the crypto space!

ICOCrowd, UNCHAIN, CodeN, IcoBench, IcoDrops, MonoIco, CryptoNext just to name a few.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be showing off the MVP and how it works within our organization and what we learned. We’re also going to be taking things on the road! Our roadshow includes the following locations. We’d love to see you in person!

Stay tuned for more conference dates and announcements on Telegram!


The Blackbox team has been working for over a year to refine this methodology and we’re beginning to start the MVP process internally. The pieces are finally coming together. This means we plan to share our progress with you as we have more updates.

Deliverable Value Points (DVP) and Proof of Value (PoV) are a central focus of our MVP. DVP is essentially a Statement of Work used to define the scope of a project. We’re standardizing a critical business flow through Blackbox OS, making the process seamless between distributed people, projects, and organizations around the world.

To learn more about our protocol and how we created a standard measurement of value, please read our white paper and manifesto.

The Blackbox Team

Our team has been a bootstrapped passionate group of people working diligently. To ensure the integrity of what we’re doing isn’t corrupted by outside interests, we’ve completely self-funded the project for the last year. Every week we have multiple meetings working remotely. Many of us have been working full-time on Blackbox since Oct 2017.

We’re growing! Meet the new members of the team!

Joseph Olewitz- Sales | Neil Holzman- Sales| Tiffany Sosa- Marketing| Justin Thach- Video| Evan Luza- Design

Internal Blackbox Slack Analytics From Day One to Today

Blackbox Referral Program

We’re also giving our supporters something to celebrate with a 5% bonus referral program starting today and going until the end of the ICO sale period. Sign up and tell your friends and we’ll reward you with tokens worth 5% of any successful referrals that list you as a referral name.

KYC Update

The KYC verification process is ongoing with 700+ people already registered. Many are going through the process now to get their documents verified. Please make sure you have uploaded all your KYC and accreditation documents so we can finalize your spot on the white list. Furthermore, we’ve assembled a dedicated team within Blackbox to help assist with the KYC process. To begin KYC process register on our token registration page.

Production Update

A major development is on the horizon as we begin the development of the Blackbox OS. Blackbox is working on information architecture to design the digital environment that will become BBOS. Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing videos explaining what we’re building towards, along with video sneak peaks of the MVP. We’ll begin updating our github as well in the coming weeks.

Commercial Progress

More than just marketing, we’re signing partnership agreements, working on revenue generating projects via our commercial operating unit Blackbox AI. In order to build the future of work we needed more than just a white paper and a slick website, we needed a real life working model. Blackbox AI is our “proof of business model,” working with customers, validating ideas, and proving in a battle tested real world environment. We need a system to effectively transition between the traditional world of “dead trees” to the new world of smart contracts. We’re here to bridge the gap.

Our alliance network has grown! We’re in the process of kicking off a number of projects. We’re excited to update our growing list of partners which already includes Spin Dance, TwisThink, LongerDays, The Understanding Group, Seamless IoT, Nomos Legal, Dracaena Legal, The Refinery, Consciousness Economy, YetiCGI, Chameleon Collective, and Venture Spring, as part of our ecosystem. More to come!

WIP & Pipeline Highlights:

  • Working alongside alliance partner with a $450M industrial equipment manufacturer.
  • Workshop with a $800M consumer product manufacturer in Q3.
  • Joint presentation with alliance partner at regional conference in Q3.
  • Project to solve a multi-county issue for state government Q3–4.
  • Workshops with multiple Health related companies in Q3 and Q4.
  • AI+Blockchain Symposium with alliance partner in Q4.
  • Early stage work with $300M automotive manufacturer (supply chain/cost of quality/safety) in Q1.
  • Early stage work to solve “chain of custody” issue using blockchain in a $12B industry in Q1.

Timeline Update

Due to the overwhelming response and feedback we have decided to extend the pre-ICO token sale period until Sept 27, 2018th at 12pm EDT.

We have consulted with our advisors and other market experts and have decided to extend the pre-sale window allowing more opportunity to grow our ecosystem and allow for a broader participation. A broader ecosystem makes a better ecosystem. We want to build a healthy economy balancing both the needs of early believes/token purchasers, but also designing for long term success and sustainability.

Blackbox Timeline

Bonuses: 5+ ETH contributions qualify for bonus.

  1. 50% bonus for the first $3m or until we reach token limit of 37,500,000
  2. 25% bonus for the next $7m or until we reach token limit of 58,333,333
Blackbox Tokenomics
Blackbox Token Allocation and Budget

One of Blackbox’s underlying core values is transparency. To provide an update to everyone on our progress is only truly meaningful if we can share some of the lessons learned along the way as well. It hasn’t been all roses and sunshine.

  • Regulatory Factors. The regulatory climate continues to lag against the speed of technology innovation. As such, we have spent countless hours consulting with legal professionals to maintain compliance as a top priority.
  • Economic Factors. Crypto assets have faced economic volatility in the preceding months and holders have had to face negative positions, which has led to more bearish behavior in the market generally. This week we’re seeing a climb in cryptomarkets. Let’s see if that trend continues.
  • Technology Factors. We have been incredibly diligent in thwarting spam/BOT infiltration attempts to our KYC process in order to cultivate a healthy and lively community. This has taken more time than we originally thought. We’ll continue to release updates, new content, and technology progress on a regular basis.

We recognize that professions embody our sense of identity and should be more than a vehicle for day-to-day sustenance. We believe companies have an ethical and moral responsibility for the foods we ingest, the items we produce, and the world in which we live.

We’re building the blueprint to move us all forward, toward a better way to work and add value. Thank you for your loyalty to Blackbox! Let’s build the decentralized future of work together!

Our Telegram channel is always open for discussion at

Join us.