Why We Avoid Pricing News

A majority of blockchain news revolves around price movements in crypto-assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and etc. At Blackchain, we view “price changing” news as a symptom of the wealth consolidation which exists persists in the cryptocurrency space. Price changes in crypto-assets are important to speculators who make money on pricing spreads created by “whales” however, if you are hearing about a 25% increase or decrease in BTC from an article the following day-you’ve lost out! Don’t believe me!? Check out this website to see the level of centralization in the top cryptocurrencies.

These are common themes of blockchain articles: product updates, partnerships, ICO scams, government regulation, speculative rumors, software updates (or hard forks) and pricing changes. We deem government regulation as the key inertia point for driving changes in adoption of cryptocurrencies among consumers and enterprises as they hold the keys to the “wide-adoption” kingdom. Companies, entrepreneurs, and software developers will build based on the regulatory environment of their respective countries or countries’ of their user base.

To revise the quote above, “It doesn’t matter how great your cryptocurrencies are if you don’t accomplish anything with them”.

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