Revolutionizing the Medical Industry with Innovative At-Home Blood Testing

Jan 15 · 5 min read

imaware™ is revolutionizing the medical industry with innovative at-home blood testing for diagnosing and monitoring life-altering conditions. Blackcreek partnered with imaware™ to transform the patient experience and enable the next generation of healthcare technology.

The Challenge: Disrupting Under-Diagnosed Disease States

Modern healthcare is reactive instead of proactive. Patients begin to take action only after symptoms are present and the prognosis is poor. imaware™ envisioned a better world, one in which prevention is better than the cure.

The Solution: A Fast, Convenient & Precise Test

Blackcreek built the ultra secure imaware™ digital health platform that integrates a state-of-the-art patient portal with industry-leading lab testing technology to deliver precise results, all with just 5 drops of blood.

From Discovery to Delivery:

We integrate our technology team with our product and design teams throughout the entire project lifecycle to minimize the technical complexity, cost and timeline, and to maximize efficiency. We utilized our innovation framework of rapid prototyping throughout the end-to-end process to align stakeholders from ideation to delivery of exceptional user experiences to drive successful outcomes.

We began with our Discovery Phase to gather insights that helped identify the target user and their problem, and develop the solution that delivers the value proposition. Here we captured our users’ pain points, in order to identify opportunities to improve their customer journey.

Once we gathered our insights, we began our Strategy Phase to define the scope, a high level technical architecture, project timeline, and agile sprint plans with detailed user stories. Our strategy included developing a marketing site that empowers users to order a test kit via e-commerce functionality and a patient portal that enables users to easily access their test results. Our goal was to educate our target audience about the benefits of the test kits, the value they provide, and the diseases themselves. We also wanted to emphasize the company’s science-based approach and utilize their unique positioning to differentiate them from their competitors.

Design Thinking Framework

Translating our strategy to designs, we entered the Design Phase, which included both UX and UI design. This incorporated all of the research we have gathered to carefully craft a detailed user experience, described in grey-scale wireframes. These wireframes were then transformed into high fidelity visual designs that showcased the end-state of the product and served as a detailed product interaction guide for stakeholders and developers.

The visuals of the platform were inspired by the same concepts as the architecture and user experience. We focused on imagery that empowered the user and paired it with visual assets and a color palette that made the information feel inviting and accessible; in turn, allowing the user to be in a more comfortable state of mind throughout the entire experience from purchase to results.

Accelerated Cross-Platform Development:

React applications are fast, powerful and developer friendly but a big drawback of single page applications is poor SEO. To maximize site traffic and visibility we separated the ecommerce platform from the patient portal, utilizing Gatsby to optimize for speed through caching and the PRPL pattern developed by Google.

As the size of code bases grow, complexity increases, and the resulting tech debt can impact timelines and deliverables. To manage complexity for imaware™, we follow a pragmatic coding style that ensures we write maintainable code without paralysis by analysis. We also do pull requests for feature, bug fix, or task in order to make sure everyone is accountable and their work has been verified by a colleague to follow our high standards.

In the world of health based products there are no shortage of compliance and regulations. There were a number of times where imaware™ had to add integrations from various services for compliance. Due to the flexibility of using nodeJS we were able to successfully integrate any API over REST or SOAP. For smaller integrations on the marketing side, we leveraged AWS lambda for integrations for their quick response times and availability geographically.

AWS’s availability and uptime is unparalleled in the industry and we leveraged their services to allow us to deploy rapidly and often. A huge issue in picking hosts for product that contains medical information is compliance. AWS offers a wide array of compliant services out of the box.

One the most common problems with designing a flexible system for rapid prototyping is fetching associative data. Traditional REST APIs should only return one resource so multiple calls are required for integrating associative values. When requirements change, this creates a dissociation between the frontend and backend, where the frontend wants data to be displayed differently while the backend wants it be consistent. So to overcome this limitation with backend architecture for rapid prototyping, we used GraphQL. With GraphQL we can set the schema on the backend to be representative of the data and allow the frontend to query for exactly what it needs, no over-fetching or under-fetching. We also used a microservice backend architecture that is loosely coupled to allow the app to scale independently and facilitate continuous deployment and delivery.

Blackcreek is an innovation firm partnering with forward-thinking brands and businesses.

Join our growing team here and connect with us on Linkedin. Visit our website to learn more about us.


Driven by challenge. Inspired to solve. Blackcreek is an innovation firm partnering with forward-thinking brands and businesses.


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Blackcreek is an innovation firm partnering with forward-thinking brands and businesses. Learn more about us at


Driven by challenge. Inspired to solve. Blackcreek is an innovation firm partnering with forward-thinking brands and businesses.

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