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Romain Grimal
Jul 2, 2018 · 2 min read

Hello everybody, summer is settling for real on Europe ans while some deals are still being announced, the total amount financed is going down quite significantly. Let’s bet that startups and investors alike are still active but will wait until September to launch the PR machine once again.

So, what did we have last week: 6 deals for a grand total of… less than € 22m raised (2 have not disclosed the amount they raised so the total amount is likely to be slightly higher than that).

Fintech deals be like “ok see y’all in September”
  • Ezbob seems to have raised again, shortly after a £ 15m round in late January this year. This time around, the firm joining the captable is called Honeycomb Investment Trust. This fresh bit of financing is possibly just an extension of that January round but it is showing that white-labeling a direct lending platform business is an attractive business model.
  • The runner-up this week is TradeIX, a blockchain-based trade finance platform, which is one of the players behind the Marco Polo project, a joint undertaking with the R3 consortium. Backers in this round notably include two large European banks ING Group and BNP Paribas.
  • Last on the podium last week was Belgium’s The Glue with € 5m raised with Idinvest Partners. It aims to build a platform which financial institutions can leverage to offer innovative services to their end clients.

The last three deals that were announced last week are seed deals.

  • First we start with Equiteasy, a platform aiming to facilitate the process of raising funds or of selling your shares in a company. They raised € 700k with business angels.
  • We also have Cambrist, a solution aimed at card issuers or programme managers so that they can offer a cheaper solution ot their own customers that need to make forex payments. Interestingly enough, the backer of this round, Fexco, is also a startup that tackles the problem of forex and international trade.
  • Finally, the last round, of undisclosed sum, was raised by Munnypot that aims to give financial advice to people who have limited knowledge of investing.

Well, that’s all for last week folks. Congratulations to all the teams, wishing them all the best in deploying this capital!

BlackFin Tech

Thoughts and ideas on all things fintech & insurtech. Managed by BlackFin Tech, a € 180m independent European Fintech VC and its team

Romain Grimal

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VC @ BlackFin Tech, looking to support ambitious #fintech & #insurtech entrepreneurs seeking to become European champions (and beyond)!

BlackFin Tech

Thoughts and ideas on all things fintech & insurtech. Managed by BlackFin Tech, a € 180m independent European Fintech VC and its team

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