BlackFin Tech weekly | Apr. 1st,2019

An opinionated review of the fintech/insurtech/regtech deals, in Europe, week by week

Hello hello fintech and insurtech junkies (can we call you like that?).

Here we come again (like every week if you have not yet noticed) with a succulent weekly bulletin.

It seems that spring showing the tip of its nose has an effect on the fintech fundraisings. Maybe, it’s the sun reflecting on the screen that prevents funds from investing in juicy deals.

Indeed, this week we just witnessed two Seed in Europe equally divided between France and Germany.

Let the WEEKLY LIST do the talking:

This week on show:

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This week on show:

Cosmian: absent from our last Weekly list, France is coming back with a data intelligence solution. Cosmian is led by Sandrine Murcia, former European Marketing director at Google. The solution combines data intelligence while protecting the privacy of the users’ data : it relies on deep tech technologies of encryption. In particular, it exploits the latest advances in functional and homomorphic encryption that make it possible to launch queries / calculations on the encrypted private data without ever revealing the underlying data in the clear. #makedatasafeagain

Coinlend: a Germany-based fintech, operates in the crypto-sphere. The biggest crypto-exchanges offer their users the opportunity to lend their funds to traders as short-term loan. The traders use the borrowed funds for margin trading and the lender receives interest for the provision of the capital. Coinlend offers an online service that completely automates the lending process, optimizes interest income and saves the user time/effort. To open an account with Coinlend users need to link their API credentials from the exchanges to the Coinlend account. All the lending transactions are monitored directly on the Coinlend app. They raised a six-figure seed round.

Hurray for the two ventures that made it this week!

Applause for this week announcements and brave founders!

Our kudos to all the successful ventures of this week!

BlackFin Tech team, where have you been the past week?
Spain, Austria and France

…and where will you be this one?
Spain, Germany, Belgium and France

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