BlackFin Tech weekly | Apr. 23rd,2019

An opinionated review of the fintech/insurtech/regtech deals, in Europe, week by week

Dear Fintech Folks,

Once again we are here to serve our super fresh list of fintech and insurtech deals.

Double ration today ! Those two last weeks were crazy in the euro-fintech ecosystem with more than €315m raised. Zoom on the 13 deals in Series B and later stages that confirm that wind is still blowing in the good way.

Abracadabra, here is BlackFin WEEKLY LIST:

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This week on show:

Cytora: an English insurtech that raised a £25m Series B. Founded in 2016, Cytora provides an underwriting solution for commercial insurance combined with a risk assessment tools that targets to drastically reduce the underwriting process from 7 days to few minutes. This enables insurers to underwrite programmatically and have more efficient workflows.

Bankin: Cocorico ! A €20m Series B for this aggregator/ personal finance manager. The round was lead by Groupe Casino that owns at least 10% of Bankin’s shares as the operation was accredited by the ACPR (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de resolution). Bankin claims a community of 2.9m users in France, a number that doubled in just one year. Their next challenge is to penetrate the mine gold of the B2B market where Budget Insight and Linxo already operate.

Moonfare: This €25m Series A round is mostly constituted by business angels which actually makes lots of sense given their activity. This wealth management fintech aims at enabling private investors to put their money in top Private Equity fund where they usually couldn’t get any access. This giant Series A is striking by the number of private investors, which were required to commit a minimum of €200k. The biggest commitment to the financing round is €1.2m according to Moonfare…

Applause for this week announcements and brave founders!

Our kudos to all the successful ventures of this week!

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