BlackFin Tech weekly | Feb. 4th, 2019

Michele Foradori
Feb 4, 2019 · 3 min read

A review of the fintech/insurtech/regtech deals, in Europe, week by week

Dear FF (fintech folks),

What a week the past one for the BlackFin team. We have been hosting a successful event with our friends from Dawn Capital on Monday, attend the 2 days fintech forum marathon here in Paris, organised our Venture Partners event on Thursday involving 7 startups in a burning pitch contest… Business never sleeps!

Because business never sleeps, we could not miss monitoring the interesting deal-making of this past week: 11 deals totalling €70M+ poured for future of finance. Way less than the previous week however still a very relevant sum if we take into consideration that on half of the sums were not disclosed. Good participation across Europe with deals taking place in 9 different countries (UK on top as it often happens). Many Seed deals, confirming the fintech market is still bullish, 3 Series A and 3 late stages (these representing 80% of the whole invested capital).

Insurtech, less shy than the week before, took some space, while, B2B products/services seem to be raising higher attention.

Red carpet for our WEEKLY LIST:

Made with ❤ by the BlackFin Tech team

Let’s have a closer look to:

Featurespace: Insight Ventures hits again — after N26 mega round — with a 2 digits investment into UK anti-fraud company Featurespace. Compared to “more traditional” players, often specialized onto a vertical, Featurespace apply its ground braking adaptive behavioural analytics to detect and block fraudsters in real time, across the finance, insurance and gaming industries. This current round will help the company to internationalize and potentially take over other segments.

Loanboox: also Switzerland brings large rounds in the attempt to stay relevant in the financial industry (not only in crypto). The independent money- and capital market platform aims at digitizing the loan request for the public sector and large corporations, institutional investors and banks. Claiming to lower the cost of a transaction by 90%, Loanboox managed to bring together 300 lenders, a quarter of which are banks, and 1,000 client institutions in the Swiss, German, French and Austrian markets. As you can expect, many of the investors in this €20M round were strategic and/or institutional.

Pipster: directly from the foundry of Finatext, here comes Pipster, a consumer-friendly currency trading app which merges education and smarter trading capabilities. Not the proper deal (classic VC) we love to report, but I thought it could be interesting to closely follow the activity of this London-based, Japan-focused venture builder. Pipster seems to be the only western-focused app, posing the accent on how relevant is education and information before investing (especially in crypto). This educational aspect seems to become more and more relevant and present in fintech propositions (e.g. BUX, goHenry, etc.)

​And that’s it for today and for the week.

…ah, do not forget to have a look at the great job we have done mapping the whole French fintech and insurtech panorama. Un bijou!

Our kudos to all the successful ventures of this week!

BlackFin Tech team, where have you been the past week?
Chicago, Paris Fintech Forum
…and where will you be this one?

Fasten the seatbelt that this week we will be announcing a couple of very interesting news!!

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** We forgot a deal? tell us more about it! **

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