BlackFin Tech Weekly — February 3rd

Michele Foradori
Feb 3 · 2 min read

The Paris Fintech Forum (PFF for friends) is one heck of a hectic event where you meet people every 20 minutes for at least 8h. With 24 meetings a day you get tired. Nevertheless, we are always delighted to meet passionate entrepreneurs and friendly investors.
Actually, last year we launched our first PFF side event and the success from last year followed also this edition. More than 100 people joined for an evening of chat and networking. Stay tuned (i.e. follow our Medium channel) to know when we will organise the next meetup.

Cut the chatter. This week, 8 fintech European startups announced their rounds. Slightly more than €100m has been raised, of which Currency cloud Series E represent 80% of it. Payments and Banktech are the two main categories for this week; UK and Germany on the driving seat once again.

There you go with our weekly deals:

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Let’s go a little further on Currencycloud:

  • Founded in 2012, the UK based fintech has raised a total of $140m and today has a potential valuation of $220m.
  • The global payments platform allows to simplify finance by leveraging smart technology. Monzo, Monese, Starling Bank, Revolutare its clients, and now Visa, that is part of the main investors of the round.
  • This big raise would allow CurrencyCloud to provide money transfer APIs to Asian businesses, with a new office in Singapore.

The French-based startup AssoConnect raised €7m with XAnge and ISAI:

  • The platform offers a management tool for nonprofit organizations and has been founded in 2011, counting today 100k+ users.
  • It has also developed a free solution for smaller associations: MonAssoFacile.
  • AssoConnect operates with a market which counts 1,500,000 associations active in France with a cumulative budget equivalent to 3.3% of the French GDP. The associations employ 1.9m full time or part time employees.
  • The objective of this deal is to offer its solution in the USA.

Regarding Flux, terms of Barclay’s investment were not disclosed. Don’t hesitate to check this article to have more details about the deal.

And, of course, congratulations to the Germany-based Nufin, Kreditech and Aazzur, and also the UK-based Teller!

//And what else?

  • For the Paris Fintech Forum, we gathered all our energy with France Fintech to release our yearly panorama, have a look at our work!
  • And did you read about our fintech predictions for 2020?
  • Have a look at our Linkedin page to have some insights about our portfolio their recruitment, our events and the activity of the team!
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